2018 June Release

Additional Management OptionsPermanent link for this heading

The following additional management options are available.

Dissolve All TeamroomsPermanent link for this heading


Before executing this use case make sure that you no longer need your data. This step cannot be undone.

As owner or co-owner, you have the option to dissolve all Teamrooms (including app rooms and app configurations) of your organization and irrevocably delete the contained data. In addition, all objects of the organization with the security context “ACL for Objects Without a Teamroom” are deleted.

To perform this use case, you can utilize the “Advanced” > “Dissolve All Teamrooms” context menu command on your organization.

Show New EventsPermanent link for this heading

To ensure traceability in organizational management, the corresponding changes are logged (for example, member added or organizational role assigned). To view the events, navigate to your organization and click the “Show New Events” action.

Via the time travel you can access the versions, which were created due to the changes.

Show Teamroom UsagePermanent link for this heading

You can get a detailed overview of the users in your organization Teamrooms. The evaluation can be restricted to members of a team, external organization or to a single (external) member.

  1. Navigate to the desired organization, organizational unit, team or (external) member.
  2. Run the “Show Teamroom Usage” context menu command.

This list displays you all users that have access rights on organization Teamrooms. Via the “More Details” button you will get more information to the user like editions and apps of this user. As owner or co-owner you will also see the Teamrooms of the organization in which the user has access rights. You can download the data as CSV file.

Define Data Protection SettingsPermanent link for this heading

To define data protection settings for your organization, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your organization.
  2. In the context menu of the organization, click “Properties”.
  3. Switch to the “Data Protection” tab.
  4. Enter your data.
    • First Name and Surname
      Defines the name of the person to be notified if personal data protection is violated.
    • Notification Address
      Specifies the postal address or e-mail address for the notification.
    • URL for Data Protection Information
      The specified link to your data protection information is displayed in the registration form.
  5. Click “Next”.

Define a Branding for the OrganizationPermanent link for this heading

The branding allows you to create personalized Teamrooms. If a branding is defined for an organization, Teamrooms are initialized with this branding. The branding is available if the “Branding” tool is activated.

To create a branding for your organization, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate in your organization.
  2. Open the “Branding” tool.
  3. Activate the branding if necessary.
  4. Click “Edit” below the text.
  5. Define a logo, a title and a short description.
    Note: You can format the description via the displayed HTML editor.
  6. Click “Save”

Note: Users with full control in a Teamroom can use the “Branding” tool to define a logo, a title and a short formatted description for the respective Teamroom.

E-Mail CommunicationPermanent link for this heading

For an overview of all e-mails sent in the course of organizational use cases (invitations, exclusion, etc.), the corresponding e-mails are displayed in the properties of the organization on the “E-Mail Communication” tab.

Define the Main LocationPermanent link for this heading

In order that all your organization members work by default in the same main location, you can define this setting in the properties of your organization on the “Organization” tab in the Default Main Location for New Members field. To assign a different main location to individual members, you can set the main location in the properties of the corresponding user on the “Administration” tab in the Main Location field. It is no longer possible that members define the main location by themselves.

Manage OrganizationsPermanent link for this heading