2022 June Release

License ManagementPermanent link for this heading

To use the Fabasoft Cloud licenses are required. The basis is an edition (e.g. Fabasoft Cloud Superior), which contains depending on the edition corresponding apps. Additionally, special apps (e.g. Scrum Projects) can be purchased and also free apps are available.

Editions and apps can be purchased in the desired number and assigned to members or external members of your organization. The assignment can be carried out automatically, manually or for special apps per configuration.

The payment user of an organization can purchase additional licenses for the organization. For this purpose the “Shop” action is provided in the organization.

Editions and AppsPermanent link for this heading

In the organization's dashboard, click Licenses to open the license management. The editions and apps available in your organization are displayed as a list:

  • Fabasoft Cloud Professional/Enterprise/Superior (Full Access)
    Allows full access (can be used for members and external members).
    Note: Integrated commenting is not included in Fabasoft Cloud Professional.
  • Fabasoft Cloud Professional/Enterprise/Superior (Read Access)
    Allows read access (can be used for members and external members).
  • Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise/Superior (Read Access + Comments)
    Allows read access and integrated commenting (can be used for members).
  • Fabasoft Cloud Professional/Enterprise/Superior (Access for External Members)
    Allows full access (can be used for external members).
    Note: External members cannot create Teamrooms assigned to the organization, regardless of the license.
  • Additional Apps

The Assignment column displays the type of assignment:

  • “Manually (Default Edition for Members)” and “Manually (Default App)”
    Default editions or apps are automatically assigned to new members. Organizational administrators can also subsequently assign or change the editions or apps.
  • Manual
    Manual assigned editions or apps must be explicitly assigned to a member by an organization administrator.
  • Configured
    These apps offer various configuration options and roles and are therefore managed using a separate configuration. You cannot change the assignment type.
  • Volume-Based
    To use these apps, a volume-based license is required and must be purchased separately.
  • Free
    Free apps provide following assignment types:
    • Free (Disabled)
      The app is not available to anyone.
    • Free (Default App)
      The app is automatically assigned to new members.
    • Free (Manually)
      The app must be explicitly assigned by an organization administrator.

You can change the type of assignment using the “Use as Default for Members”, “Enable” and “Disable” context menu commands.

Navigate in the edition or app to view the list of licensed members. You can use the “Add Members” action to specify the members who are to have a license. You can use the “Remove License” context menu command to revoke the license.

Assign Editions and AppsPermanent link for this heading

You can assign editions or apps with manual assignment to individual members.

  1. In the dashboard of the organization, click Members to open the membership administration.
  2. Navigate to the desired member.
  3. In the context menu of the member, click “Assign Editions and Apps”.
    • Edition
      Select the edition that you want to assign to the user.
    • Manually Assignable Apps
      Select the apps that you want to assign to the user.
  4. Click “Assign”.

Note: Select multiple members to make the assignment together.

ShopPermanent link for this heading

As payment user of your organization, you can use the “Shop” action to buy additional licenses and storage volumes. Define the desired quantity of each item, select the payment method and accept the service agreement. Follow the wizard and complete the order.

Note: If the “Shop” action is not available in your organization, please contact cloudsupport@fabasoft.com.