2024 May Release

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Via your cloud organization you can carry out all the relevant administrative tasks. The management tasks include, for example, the administration of members the assignment of licenses and defining the authentication settings.

All organizations of which you are owner, payment user or administrator are automatically placed on “Home”.

Click the organization to open the organization dashboard. In the tools area you can directly execute frequently needed actions. The content area provides an overview of the organization.


  • Owners have access to all Teamrooms of the organization and thus can view all the data. Administrators can manage the organization but cannot access the Teamrooms of the organization. Chapter “Organization Roles” describes how to change the roles.
  • In the properties of the organization, on the “Organization” tab you can define the access protection of the organization. By default, only members may read and search the organization. If an organization is generally searchable and readable, everyone can find and read the organization and, for example, add it to Teamrooms.