2024 May Release

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As organization administrator, you can add standard Teamrooms to teams, external organizations, organizational units and to the organization in the organization folder. The standard Teamrooms are displayed in the organization folders of the members who are authorized in the Teamrooms.

To create a standard Teamroom, navigate in the dashboard of the organization in the Organization Folder area. Via the “Create Teamroom” action, you can create a new Teamroom and grant access rights in one step.


  • In addition to Teamrooms also inboxes and rooms with user data can be defined as standard Teamroom (e.g. background context menu “New” > Inbox).
  • The organization folder of teams, external organizations and organizational units can be found in their properties.
  • The “Organization Folder” widget is displayed on “Home” if you are authorized to at least one standard Teamroom. You can create additional standard Teamrooms for teams, external organizations, organizational units or for the organization using the “New” action.