2024 June Release

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The dashboard offers a practical overview of the existing projects and products with the tiles. Clicking on “View” takes you to the detail view, where you can find various editing options as well as further information about the areas of application and intended uses.

Products can be published in different formats via different services. For this purpose, production services are stored in the respective product type by the administrator. Each of these services allows publication in a specific format.

To create a publication using the Antenna House formatter, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to the list of products on the Publishing Dashboard.
  2. Select the desired product and click on it to switch to the detailed view of the product.
    Note: The product type of the product must have an Antenna House deployment format assigned to it.
  3. In this view, the structure of the product is displayed to the right of the action menu. Select the product at the very top of the structure tree.
  4. Select the "Add XML Content" action from the action menu.
  5. In the following search dialog, select one or more Xeditor documents from the Digital Asset Management and add them to the product.
    Note: XML content can be assigned directly below the product at the top level or, if the schema supports it, below existing XML content.
  6. When you have assigned all XML files associated with this product to the structure tree, select the top node of the tree again, the product.
  7. In the action menu on the left click on the "Publish" entry.
  8. In the following dialog, select the desired Antenna House deployment format and confirm with "Next".
  9. Finally, assign a name for the new publication to be created and confirm with "Next".  
    In the list of "Publications" on the dashboard, you will now see a new entry with a gear icon. Once the production service has successfully processed the content, the gear icon disappears and the result is ready for download.
  10. Open the context menu by right-clicking on your publication and select the "Download" entry.

The result of a successful Antenna House Formatter publication is a .zip file that includes the following folder structure:

  • input
    Contains the list of XML and media files sent to the publication service.  
  • output
    Contains the actual result of the publication.
    Note: For each Xeditor document at the first level of the structure tree, you will get a numbered folder in the result that contains the result. For example, you can get all articles of a publication as single PDF documents by adding the respective XML below the product node in the structure tree.
  • report.log
    Contains the log outputs of the Antenna House Formatter.
  • source.zip
    Contains the source files as zip.