2021 September Release

Getting help, code samples and supportPermanent link for this heading

Got stuck somewhere along the road?

No need to worry!

For Cloud App developers, getting help is easy!

Help and documentationPermanent link for this heading

The following resources should be your first resort when you need help:

Fabasoft app.ducx:

  • Online help: https://help.appducx.fabasoft.com
  • White papers [Faba20a], [Faba20e], [Faba20i]

Fabasoft app.test:

  • Online help: https://help.apptest.fabasoft.com
  • White papers [Faba20b], [Faba20c]

Fabasoft app.telemetry:

  • Online help: https://help.apptelemetry.fabasoft.com

In addition, the “Fabasoft Cloud” Teamroom contains additional information about the release cycle, new features of Fabasoft Cloud as well as links to additional documentation and other useful materials. Refer to the chapter “Fabasoft Cloud update cycle” for more information on the “Fabasoft Cloud” Teamroom.

Retrieving code samples from the public Subversion repositoryPermanent link for this heading

More often than not, a nifty code snippet tells more than a thousand words. That’s why we host a public Subversion repository full to the brim with code samples and even the complete source code of full-blown Cloud Apps, including the one presented in this book!

Using a Subversion client you can access our public Subversion repository with the repository URL https://cloud.fabasoft.com/svn/public. You can log in with your Fabasoft Cloud credentials.

In the “Checkout from SVN” dialog box of TortoiseSVN, enter the URL https://cloud.fabasoft.com/svn/public and your Fabasoft Cloud credentials in the User and Password fields of the Authentication box, then click “Browse” to log in to the Subversion repository.

In the “Select Resource” dialog box, navigate to the Cloud App project you want to import and select the “dev” branch underneath it. Then click “OK” to return to the “Checkout from SVN” dialog box and click “Finish” to proceed with the import of your project from Subversion.

Giving feedback and reporting problemsPermanent link for this heading

Missing a feature or found a bug? Give us a heads up and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

If you encounter a problem when working with Fabasoft Cloud, please click the “Support” button to send a support request with a detailed description of the problem to Fabasoft Cloud Support.

Any issues with and requests for additional features in the Cloud App VDE should be reported in form of stories and defects in the “Fabasoft Cloud – Developer Forum” Scrum project (https://cloud.fabasoft.com/folio/mx/COO.6505.100.2.1283934).

Staying up to datePermanent link for this heading

Things are moving fast in Fabasoft Cloud. Every month, we add tons of new features and continuously strive to improve existing functionality. Therefore, it’s crucial for Cloud App developers to stay up to date.

The “What’s New” documents published by Fabasoft in the “Fabasoft Cloud” Teamroom (see chapter “Fabasoft Cloud update cycle”) after every Fabasoft Cloud update should be your first resource for getting all the latest information about new features, any changes that might have a potential effect on your Cloud App and other development-related stuff.