2021 September Release

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Access Control List (ACL)
Determines which user is granted which access rights for an object.

A button in a dialog of a virtual application.

Cloud App
A self-contained application hosted in Fabasoft Cloud.

Cloud Sandbox
The Fabasoft Cloud installation that is part of your Cloud App VDE and allows you to develop and test your Cloud Apps.

A rule for calculating or validating values, or for preventing invalid data entry into a property.

Continuous Integration (CI) Environment
An environment for running automated tests for quality control.

An element of a virtual application for presenting a user interface to provide a means of communication between a user and a virtual application.

Fully Qualified Reference
A unique identifier for referring to a component object. The fully qualified reference consists of the software component prefix, followed by a colon and the reference of a component object, e.g. COOSYSTEM@1.1:objname.

A reserved sequence of characters.

An identifier for referring to a component object.

Software Component Prefix
The part of a fully qualified reference that refers to the software component, e.g. COOSYSTEM@1.1.

An action that is invoked when a predefined event occurs.

Virtual Development Environment (VDE)
A preconfigured development environment including software tools and services for supporting Cloud App development.