2021 September Release

Maintaining and improving your Cloud AppPermanent link for this heading

In this chapter, we describe what you need to do in terms of maintenance and how you can release an update of your Cloud App.

Updating Fabasoft app.ducx projects using EclipsePermanent link for this heading

As the list of Fabasoft Cloud features keeps growing and growing over time, you will also have to keep your Fabasoft app.ducx project up to date.

With every release of a Fabasoft Cloud update, a plethora of new object classes and properties, use cases and applications, and dozens of other new component objects become available to you to use and incorporate into your Cloud App.

And even though we make every effort to minimize the impact on you and your Cloud App, you sometimes may be required to make some changes to your existing code in order to keep your Cloud App intact.

For example, if the reference of an object class provided by Fabasoft is changed for reasons of consistency, and your Cloud App uses this object class as a prerequisite, you will need to adapt your code before this change is released to the public with the next Fabasoft Cloud update.

Note: Periodically check the “What’s New” documents (see chapter “Fabasoft Cloud update cycle”) to find out about changes that might impact your Cloud App, so you can make necessary code modifications in time.

To keep your Cloud App up to date, carry out the following steps in Eclipse:

  • Make sure that the Fabasoft app.ducx plug-in is up to date (see chapter “Updating the Fabasoft app.ducx plug-in”).
  • In the “Project Explorer”, navigate to your Cloud App project.
  • Open the context menu of the “Software Component References” folder and click “Update All References”.
  • Open the “Project” menu and click “Clean”.

This way you get an overview of all warnings and errors in your project that may arise because of changes in Fabasoft Cloud caused by the update. For more information about renamed, deleted and obsolete component objects consult [Faba20i].

Releasing an updated versionPermanent link for this heading

To create and release an updated version of your Cloud App, you have to follow these steps:

  • Create a new release object: In your Cloud App project, create a new release object for the next version of your Cloud App and select “Start Release” from its context menu.
  • Update your code, tests and documentation: Make all the desired changes to your source code, update your unit tests, Fabasoft app.test tests and the context-sensitive help.
  • Release your update: Now just follow the same steps as you did previously to release the original version of your Cloud App. For further details refer to the chapter “Releasing your Cloud App”.

Easy peasy, isn’t it?