2021 September Release

Releasing your Cloud AppPermanent link for this heading

Before your Cloud App is allowed to go live, it must pass a sophisticated release process to ensure it is fit for use in Fabasoft Cloud.

In this chapter, we describe the release process and how you can submit your Cloud App to Fabasoft for review.

About the release processPermanent link for this heading

Figure 54: The Cloud App release process

Upon submitting your Cloud App for review, the release process is started. It comprises the following steps:

  • Plain CI environment tests: The Fabasoft app.test tests and unit tests for your Cloud App are executed in the Plain CI environment, which is an environment similar to your Cloud Sandbox.
  • Full CI environment tests: If your Cloud App passes the Plain CI environment tests, it is deployed into the Full CI environment, which is identical to the production environment. Again, your Fabasoft app.test tests and unit tests are executed, and your Cloud App is checked for potential side effects on other Cloud Apps.
  • Code review: After passing the Full CI environment tests, a manual review of the source code of your Cloud App is conducted by a Fabasoft reviewer.

If your Cloud App passes the review, it’s good to go live with the next scheduled update of Fabasoft Cloud.

For further information about the release process and the deadlines you have to meet for your Cloud App to be included in the next scheduled Fabasoft Cloud update refer to [Faba20d].

Submitting your app for reviewPermanent link for this heading

Make sure to have all your ducks lined up correctly before submitting your Cloud App to Fabasoft, because the release process might take a couple days to complete and you don’t want to waste time and miss the next update window just because of a few missing comments. Therefore, review the list of deliverables in the chapter “What you need to do to get your Cloud App deployed” before continuing.

When you’re confident that your Cloud App meets all the requirements defined by Fabasoft, log in to Fabasoft Cloud, select the release object you’ve created within the Cloud App project for your Cloud App and select “Submit” from the context menu to submit your Cloud App for review.

A branch of your source code is automatically created in the Subversion repository for the submitted release and the release process is kicked off.

Continuous integration environment testsPermanent link for this heading

The continuous integration environment tests in the Plain CI environment and the Full CI environment are automatically scheduled and executed.

If your Cloud App passes the integration tests, it will be forwarded to a Fabasoft reviewer for manual review of the source code.

In case of errors, the review process is aborted and error reports are generated and published in the release object for the submitted release of your Cloud App project.

Code reviewPermanent link for this heading

At Fabasoft, take code quality extremely seriously. Therefore, every submitted Cloud App must go through a thorough manual code review by a specially trained Fabasoft expert.

If any issues are detected during the code review, an issue report is created and made available to you in the release object for the submitted release.

Getting feedbackPermanent link for this heading

You will be notified via e-mail about the outcome of the release process. Moreover, detailed reports of the review results are published in the Last Test Results property of the release object for the submitted release.

Figure 55: Results of the release process

You can review the logs and error reports for your submission in the job object that is automatically generated for your release. To access the reports, navigate to the “Results” page of your release, open the corresponding job and go to the “Artefacts” page.

Figure 56: Job artefacts for a release

If your Cloud App passes the review, it will be included in the next scheduled update of Fabasoft Cloud.

Note: If you submitted your Cloud App after the submission deadline for the next schedule update, it will be included in the update after the next scheduled update. For further details refer to [Faba20d].

However, if your Cloud App doesn’t successfully complete the release process, it will not be deployed into Fabasoft Cloud. In this case, carefully review the report published in the release object, straighten out the detected issues and resubmit your Cloud App.