2024 April Release

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The Fabasoft Cloud provides the possibility to publish folder structures and documents on a website. To do so, you have to carry out following four steps on your website:

  • add some CSS
  • add a div tag where the document list should be displayed
  • define a mustache template
  • include the necessary JavaScript and configuration

If you do not want to use a mustache template you may also only get the data in JSON format to do your own rendering.

The following example pages provide all the necessary HTML code to set up your own solution:

Open the example pages in your web browser. Typically, you can view the source code of a page by opening the context menu and clicking the “View page source” command. Depending on the web browser the command may be named slightly different.

Note: The example pages will not load documents from the Fabasoft Cloud if you open them from your local file system.