2024 May Release

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The mustache template is used to render the document list. It defines the used HTML tags and the displayed data of the document list. The example page for the detail view style includes two templates:

  • <script id="FscJSLibTemplateWithFiveLevels" type="text/html">
    Shows a folder structure with a maximum of five levels.
  • <script id="FscJSLibTemplateWithOneLevel" type="text/html">
    Shows only the top level of a folder.

Copy one of these templates to your web page in the body tag. You can also modify the template. More information about working with mustache templates can be found here: https://mustache.github.io/: new window

The following variables can be included in the template:

  • inputdata: { }
    The data passed to the fsc.webcontent.render function.
  • labels: { objname: "Name", objaddress: "Fabasoft Cloud ID", ... }
    The multi-lingual labels for the column header (only available in the top level object).
  • strings": { StrExpand:"Expand", StrCollapse: "Collapse", StrType: "Type" }
    The multi-lingual strings requested by the strings input parameter (only available in the top level object).
  • downloadformat: { value: "Original Format", address: "COO.1.506.2.204412",
    : "COOSYSTEM@1.1:ContentFormat", reference: null }
    The download format assigned to the public link (only available in the top level object).
  • isfolder: true
    Defines whether it is a folder (true or false).
  • content: { value: "10 KB" }
    The size of a document.
  • contextension: { value: "PDF" }
    The file extension of the document.
  • contmimetype: { value: " audio/mpeg" }
    The mime type of the document.
  • downloadurl: { value: "https://at.cloud.fabasoft.com/folio/downloadzip/COO.1.506.2.2044" }
    The download URL of the object.
  • mediaurls: [{ value:"https://...", mediatype: "video",
    : "video/mp4",extension: "mp4" },
                { value
    : "https://...", mediatype: "video",
    : "video/ogg", extension: "ogv"},
                { value
    :"https://...", mediatype: "video",
    mimetype: "video/webm",extension:"webm"}]
    List of primary and alternate mediaurls including mediatype (i.e. video or audio), mimetype and extension for video or audio objects.
  • iconurl: { value: "https://at.cloud.fabasoft.com/folio/fscasp/content/tmp/a/COO." }
    The URL to the icon of the object.
  • publicurl: { value: "https://at.cloud.fabasoft.com/folio/public/2j3416lzoqku82n0s7o8931wco" }
    The URL to the public link of the object. Only available if the rootobject refers to a public link.
  • previewurl: { value: "https://at.cloud.fabasoft.com/folio/image/COO.1.506.2.2044/co/1/" }
    The URL to a small preview image (bounding box ca. 128px x 128px) of a content object.
  • thumbnailurl: { value: "https://at.cloud.fabasoft.com/folio/image/COO.1.506.2.2044/tn/1/" }
    The URL to a medium size preview image (bounding box ca. 512px x 512px) of a content object.
  • largepreviewurl: { value: "https://at.cloud.fabasoft.com/folio/image/COO.1.506.2.2044/pv/1/" }
    The URL to a large preview image (bouning box ca. 2 megapixel depending on file type) of a content object.
  • overviewurl: { value: "https://at.cloud.fabasoft.com/folio/overview/COO.1.506.2.2044" }
    The URL to a PDF representation of a content object.
  • objaddress: { value: "COO.1.506.2.2044" }
    The Fabasoft Cloud ID of the object.
  • objclass: { value: "Teamroom" }
    The object class of the object.
  • objcreatedat: { value: "Jul 18, 2016 9:11:31 AM" }
    The date and time when the object was created.
  • objcreatedby: { value: "Cordes Jonas" }
    The user who created the object.
  • objmodifiedat: { value: "Jul 18, 2016 10:26:51 AM" }
    The last modification date and time of the object.
  • objname: { value: "Marketing 2016" }
    The name of the object.
  • objsubject: { value: null }
    The subject of the object.
  • objvalidfrom: { value: null }
    A “valid from” date that can be set manually for the object.
  • objvalidto: { value: null }
    A “valid to” date that can be set manually for the object.
  • children_level1: [ array of objects; the number denotes the level ]
    An array that contains the subordinated objects.