2024 May Release

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Fabasoft Flavored Markdown (FFM) is an enhanced variation of Markdown, building upon the foundation of CommonMark while incorporating specialized features tailored for the Fabasoft platform. Fabasoft Flavored Markdown expands the capabilities of Markdown to better serve the needs of Fabasoft users.

Fabasoft Flavored Markdown adheres to the core principles of CommonMark, ensuring compatibility with standard Markdown syntax. However, it goes beyond the baseline specifications by introducing a range of extensions and optimizations. All the features which are supported in Fabasoft Flavored Markdown and that are not specified on the original CommonMark specification are hence known as extensions.

Fabasoft implements additional post-processing and sanitization measures to uphold the security and consistency of content authored in Fabasoft Flavored Markdown. This ensures that documents remain safeguarded against potential vulnerabilities.