2024 June Release

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Fabasoft Scrum provides the following structuring elements:

  • Scrum Center
    The scrum center allows defining general settings that apply to all subordinate scrum projects. The team members of a scrum center either have special access rights on the scrum projects or can be assigned to the scrum projects as team members.
    Note: On the basis of the defined users the consumed licenses are calculated.
  • Scrum Project
    Each scrum project is assigned to a scrum center. The scrum project defines the scrum team and provides a central repository for all scrum artifacts.
  • Sprint
    A sprint is the basic unit of development in scrum. In general a sprint lasts a few weeks.
  • Story
    A story is used to describe requirements from a user's perspective.
  • Defect
    A defect is used to describe an error in the product.
  • Impediment
    Anything that prevents a team member from performing work as efficiently as possible.
  • Product Version/Release
    Stories and defects can be assigned to specific product versions and releases.