2024 May Release

Registration of an application in ADPermanent link for this heading

In order to use the Microsoft Graph Toolkit an application has to be registered inside the AD. This application enables the access to resources via OAuth. The registration of an application can be accomplished by clicking the “New registration” button as shown in the following illustration.

Thereafter a name for the application along with some additional information has to be provided (see the illustration below). For the “Supported account types” the option “Accounts in this organizational directory only (MSFT only - Single tenant)” has to be checked. Moreover, a “Redirect URI (optional)” has to be specified. In the dropdown menu “Web” has to be selected. The authentication response will be returned to this URI, which has to have the format shown in the following illustration.

If the registration is completed with the marked “Register” button, the application will appear in the list shown above. After the registration of the application, a Client Secret has to be generated. This can be achieved when selecting the application following the marked steps:

After the creation of the Client Secret, it will appear in the list of Client Secrets. In this view the value of the Client Secret can be found, which will be needed later in this example. The necessary information about the application can be viewed under the menu item "Overview" as shown in the following illustration:

For further information on creating an AD application, consider to follow the following link: Create an AD application to use with the Microsoft Graph Toolkit: new window