2024 June Release

Working in the InDesign Desktop applicationPermanent link for this heading

After the automated typesetting, the InDesign files from Multichannel Publishing can be opened in a local InDesign application to finalize typesetting and add other changes.

InDesign Plugin Permanent link for this heading

An InDesign plug-in is required to work with Multichannel Publishing layouts and the XML and image content they contain. The Xpublisher Cloud Connector can be installed via the Adobe Exchange page: new window. In addition, the Fabasoft Cloud Client is required to synchronize the files with your local workstation. The plugin allows you to work locally with the linked images, which continue to reside in the cloud but can be edited directly in Adobe Photoshop, for example. Updates are also written back to the asset in Digital Asset Management. The plugin has no graphical interface and works automatically in the background. Only the version number of the plugin can be viewed via the Xpublisher menu entry to verify the installation of the plugin.  

Synchronized folders and local filesPermanent link for this heading

If you are working locally in InDesign, there are a few things to keep in mind when adding and removing content:

  • You can remove linked images. They will continue to appear in the tree after you save and update the layout, until you decide to remove the image from the tree as well, since the tree is the primary component for planning product content.  
  • You can also manually place image assets from DAM into InDesign. Use your personal Synchronized Folder, which appears automatically on your desktop as an authorized DAM user. Here you can place links to assets you want to use locally. When you click "Synchronize" in the action menu of this folder, the contents are transferred to your local computer and opened in a file explorer of your operating system. Now you can link the images in InDesign as if they were local files, and after updating the layout in the cloud, they will be linked correctly in the structure tree.
  • Please note that content that is stored locally and linked in the layout cannot be resolved when transferred to the cloud. You should embed this content in the InDesign file or create it as an asset in the DAM beforehand.