2019 June Release

The New Home AreaPermanent link for this heading

The newly designed home area offers you a better overview and a wide range of customization options.

The dashboard concept allows you to show or hide widgets, change their size and move them.

The following widgets are initially available to you, depending on your licensed Fabasoft Cloud Edition:

  • Personal Folder
    In your personal folder, you can store Teamrooms that are important for you. The folder corresponds essentially to the previous “Home”.
  • Organization Folder
    Contains all standard Teamrooms of your organizations in which you are authorized.
  • Teamrooms Shared With Me
    Contains all Teamrooms in which you are authorized as a team member. Teamrooms that you have created yourself are excluded from this list. For a better overview, the list is structured by years and months. Via the “Integrate in My Folder Hierarchy” action, you can add the desired Teamrooms to your personal folder, to your favorites or directly to “Home”.
    Note: The transfer of the corresponding existing Teamrooms to this widget takes place automatically, but may take some time after the update.
  • Favorites
    Favorites allow you to quickly access objects that you need repeatedly.
  • Worklist
    Shows your worklist (availability depends on licensed edition).
  • History
    Contains the most recently used objects and most recently sent e-mails.
  • Other Dashboards
    Apps that offer their own dashboards are also displayed directly on “Home”.