2024 May Release

Display SettingsPermanent link for this heading

Predefined display settings can be provided to users who need special views on lists.

Useful for Following Tasks

  • Providing an overview of object metadata

Essential information about display settings can be found in the user help:

https://help.cloud.fabasoft.com/index.php?topic=doc/User-Help-Fabasoft-Cloud-eng/customizing.htm#defining-presettings: new window

ScenarioPermanent link for this heading


The “Controlling” department needs an overview of contract metadata.

To achieve the objective, proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to “Templates and Presettings” > “Presetting Collections” > “desired presetting collection”.
  • Create a display setting.
  • Define which columns should be displayed, and how (sorting, grouping, width).