2024 April Release

COOWF@1.1:wfprecondexpression Permanent link for this heading

Expression for Determining the Usability

This property stores a condition expression which is evaluated before the process is started. This condition can be used to raise an error if some prerequisites to execute the process are not fulfilled.

Defines an app.ducx expression that determines whether the process can be started. This allows, for example, to check preconditions that must be fulfilled before the process can be started (see also FSCDIAGRAMEDITOR.1.1001:wfprecondexpression).

string[] COOWF@1.1:wfprecondexpression (
  optional object object,
  optional ProcessInstance process,
  object[] allprocessobjects)




the object on which the process should be started


the process instance, if the new process should be initialized as subprocess of an existing process


all objects of the process, if the current process is executed on more than one object