2020 September Release

Customizing LevelsPermanent link for this heading

Customizations are managed at different levels:

  • Organization
    Organization-wide customization is done by defining customizing collections in the “Templates and Presettings” dashboard.
    Note: Organization-wide BPMN process diagrams, forms and categories are not available in an app context by default. If these customizing objects have to be available in an app context, they must be explicitly referenced in the app configuration or in the app room.
  • App
    In apps, such as the contract manager, you can make customizations in the app configuration that are only valid within the app configuration context.
  • Room
    In rooms (e.g. app rooms or Teamrooms), customizations can be made that are only valid within the room context. You can access the customizing objects via the “Templates and Presettings” action.
  • Personal
    Personal customizations can only be used by the users themselves. The following customizing objects can be managed at the personal level: templates, ad hoc process templates, display settings and search forms.