2020 September Release

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The Fabasoft Cloud 2020 June Release introduces a new release concept for the following customizing objects:

  • Templates
    Nearly all objects and especially documents can be defined as templates. In this way new objects or documents based on a template can be created.
  • Text Modules
    You can use text modules to insert predefined standard texts into Microsoft Word documents.
  • Forms
    User-defined forms can be used to add fields to objects for storing application-specific data. To apply logic or specific behaviors to the fields, Fabasoft app.ducx expressions can be used.
  • Categories
    Categories can be assigned to objects and thus influence the behavior of the objects.
  • BPMN Process Diagrams
    BPMN process diagrams are used to design executable business processes.
  • Ad Hoc Process Templates
    Beside predefined BPMN processes, ad hoc process templates can be stored as needed.
  • Display Settings
    Predefined display settings can be provided to users who need special views on lists.
  • Search Forms
    Predefined search forms can be provided to users who need an overview of currently existing objects based on defined search criteria.

To enable your organizational members to continue working without manual intervention, existing customizing objects are migrated automatically. In the following you can find a brief overview of the new release concept and migration.