2020 September Release

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In order to use customizing objects, they must be released for usage depending on the context.


  • Customizing objects must be released if they are assigned to a customizing collection or an app configuration.
  • Forms and BPMN process diagrams must also be released if they are assigned to a room.
  • Personal customizing objects do not have to be released.

Actions and Context Menu Commands

The actions are available to administrators and processors of a customizing collection (organization level) or app administrators (app level).

  • Release for Usage
    You can create a release version using the “Release for Usage” action.
  • Re-Release
    Changes can be released using the “Re-Release” action.
  • Withdraw Release
    You can use the “Withdraw Release” action to withdraw the release.

Release Process

In app configurations or customizing collections, you can define a release process in the settings, on the “Default Values” tab, in the Release Process for Templates and Presettings field. Release processes must contain the “Release for Usage” activity.

If a release process is defined, the following actions or context menu commands are offered:

  • Start Release Process
    Starts the defined release process.
  • Open Current Release Process
    Opens the release process that is not yet completed.
  • Start Release Process Again
    Restarts the release process (is only displayed when the current release process is completed).