2024 April Release

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The outgoing invoice management allows to administer outgoing invoices. Using forms and processes, the outgoing invoice management can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Using a web service, a draft invoice can be uploaded from an ERP system and an approval process can be started. The approval status can be queried in the ERP system and changed or newly added documents can be transferred to the ERP system. The original invoice sent via the ERP system can in turn be taken over.

Use Case



The outgoing invoice dashboard is the central access point to the outgoing invoice management.

When a user is added to a outgoing invoice configuration, a dashboard is automatically created and placed on “Home”. When a user is removed again, the dashboard is also removed.


In the outgoing invoice configuration, app administrators can manage shelves, artifacts, general settings and app users.


Shelves are used to manage outgoing invoices and to define access rights.

Outgoing invoices

In an outgoing invoice, the invoice documents and additional attachments can be stored in addition to the metadata.

Approval Process

The approval process varies from organization to organization. Therefore, you have to define the required BPMN processes by yourself.

Basically, an outgoing invoice is forwarded to the defined approver for approval. The approver can approve or discard the outgoing invoice. If necessary, a second approval can be obtained, for example, from the “Invoicing” management.

Web service interface

Outgoing invoices can be uploaded and updated from an ERP system via a web service.