2019 June Release

Fabasoft Cloud EditionsPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft Cloud is available in three editions with a different scope of services:

  • Fabasoft Cloud Professional
  • Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise
  • Fabasoft Cloud Superior

Each edition is also available as read-only edition that permits solely read access to the Fabasoft Cloud.

Technical Information

Information about system requirements and supported platforms can be found in the document Technical Information.

Service Levels

The entire hard and software environment is constructed for high availability, reliability, scalability and high security, as well as simple maintenance due to the high requirements of our data center.

You will find all details of the performance characteristics of data center operation at https://www.fabasoft.com/data-center.

A report on the availability of the Fabasoft Cloud is published at https://www.fabasoft.com/monitoring-reports.


Fabasoft provides first level support for all cloud users. The support service levels depend on the respective edition. More information can be found here: https://www.fabasoft.com/data-center