2024 June Release

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The following license types are available:

  • Full Access
    • Provides the full functionality.
    • Can be used for members and external members.
  • Read Access + Comments
    • Functional scope:
      • Read access (incl. search)
      • Commenting documents
      • Digitally signing documents
      • Performing workflow activities that do not require change access (incl. applying signatures, excl. releasing)
    • Can be used for members.
  • Access for External Members
    • Provides the full functionality from a user perspective.
    • Can be used for external members.

Storage Packages

To be able to store data, storage packages are required. A storage package provides a defined number of objects and a defined storage amount in gigabytes (1024 megabytes). Additionally, volumes are provided for volume-based use cases.

  • Each object (item with "Fabasoft Cloud ID"; e.g. folder, text document or activity) assigned to your organization reduces the available number of objects.
    • A permanent deletion of objects reduces the object usage accordingly.
  • Any multimedia content assigned to your organization reduces the available storage amount.
    • Generated content such as PDF previews also count towards storage usage.
    • Modified content in object versions counts towards storage usage per version.
    • A permanent deletion of objects or object versions with content reduces the storage usage accordingly.
  • OData service volume (based on query objects)
    A query object is understood to be an object queried via the OData interface. If the same object is queried multiple times, each query counts as a single query object. Objects that are processed as part of a query but are not directly included in the result (e.g. calculation of a number) are also counted.
  • OCR volume (based on the number of pages)
    The page count for PDF documents and TIF files is determined by the page information. For images without page information (e.g. JPG, PNG), each individual image is counted as a page.
  • iArchiveLink volume (based on the number of operations performed)
    An operation is understood as create, read, update and query.

Service Levels

The entire hard and software environment is constructed for high availability, reliability, scalability and high security, as well as simple maintenance due to the high requirements of our data center.

You will find all details of the performance characteristics of data center operation at https://www.fabasoft.com/data-center: new window.

A report on the availability of the Fabasoft Cloud is published at https://www.fabasoft.com/monitoring-reports: new window.


Fabasoft provides first level support for all cloud users. More information can be found here: https://www.fabasoft.com/data-center: new window