2024 June Release

Scope of Services – AdministrationPermanent link for this heading

The administration tasks can be easily carried out via the user interface.

Use Case


Managing organization members

Users are managed through an organization. Typical organizational tasks are:

  • Importing members
  • Adding members
  • Inviting members
  • Changing the membership
  • Terminating the membership
  • Managing teams
  • Defining authentication and the seconf factor
  • Showing the account activity of members
  • Managing external members
  • Managing the organizational structure

Managing licenses

Licenses are required to use the solution.

Using reports

Reports can be used to maintain an overview of the organization.

Defining advanced settings

The advanced settings provide additional configuration options:

  • Defining holiday tables
  • Defining contact data
  • Defining logos
  • Defining policies
  • Defining SMTP settings
  • Defining organization roles
  • Defining target domains for transferring Teamrooms
  • Defining OAuth clients
  • Defining Mindbreeze InSpire services
  • Defining log-in options
  • Configuring encryption
  • Configuring digital signatures

Defining default Teamrooms

The defined default Teamrooms are displayed in the organization shelves of the respective members.

Further managing options

The following further management options are available:

  • Anonymizing users
  • Dissolving all Teamrooms
  • Deactivating and resetting the organization
  • Showing the Teamroom usage
  • Defining permanent log-in
  • Defining privacy settings
  • Defining trusted networks
  • Defining the organization branding
  • Viewing e-mail communication of organizational use cases (e.g. invitations)
  • Defining the default data location
  • Checking the files for malware