2020 September Release

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Fabasoft Contracts offers the following functionality for end users.

Use Case


Contract manager dashboard

The contract manager dashboard is the central access point to Fabasoft Contracts.

Creating contracts

Contracts are organized and stored in contract folders. The access rights are also defined via contract folders.

Creating contracts based on documents

Contracts can be created directly from imported documents. If possible, contract-relevant metadata is extracted from the documents and stored with the contracts.

Defining general contract metadata

In the properties of a contract, general metadata such as contact information can be entered in addition to the contract documents.

Defining dates

In the properties of a contract all relevant dates of the contract can be entered.

Assigning contracts to an assignment target

A contract can be assigned to one or more assignment targets (for example, suppliers or customers).

Keywording contracts

Contracts can be keyworded using terms.

Adding documents

Documents can be assigned to contracts, for example by uploading them via drag and drop.

Adding remarks

Remarks on contracts can be entered as free text.

Adding internal remarks

Internal remarks are not visible to users with restricted access.

Adding tasks

Tasks can be defined for contracts, which are also displayed in the integrated calendar.

Creating confidential rooms

Confidential rooms allow to make confidential contract documents accessible only to a selected group of users.

Creating external rooms

External rooms allow to make contract documents accessible to a selected group of external users.

Creating following contracts

For a contract, following contracts can be created. For a following contract, further following contracts can be created to represent contract chains.

Creating subordinate contracts

Subordinate contracts can be created for a contract, for example, to map outline agreements with subordinate contracts.

Further subordinate contracts can be created for a subordinate contract to represent a multilevel contract hierarchy.

Using forms and categories

For example, custom forms can be used to extend contracts with fields for storing customer-specific data. Categories can be assigned to objects and thus influence the behavior of the objects.

Using processes

By starting processes, users can be involved in the editing of business objects via workflow. Typical processes are approval and release processes.

Using templates

Contracts can be created using contract templates.

Individual documents of a contract can be created using document templates.

Using text modules

Text modules with standard texts can be inserted into Word documents (contract documents and document templates)

Using calendar

With the help of the integrated calendar, an overview of all appointments is possible. The calendar can also be integrated into Microsoft Outlook.


The integrated full-text search allows you to find the desired information quickly. Actions can be executed directly on the search result.

The search is carried out under consideration of the access rights. Only hits that the respective user is allowed to access are displayed.