2024 May Release

Scope of Services – User PerspectivePermanent link for this heading

The functionality described below is available to end users.

Introduction of Outsourcing ProjectsPermanent link for this heading

Use Case


Create requests

Requests serve as an input channel for the submission of outsourcing projects for documented preliminary review by the stakeholders to be involved.

Categorization of requests

The categorization of requests enables differentiation for the control of the underlying business process. The required metadata, documents and test steps can be specified according to the request category.

Obtaining comments

The required opinions of the stakeholders to be involved (legal, CISO, etc.) are obtained in the digital workflow and documented in an audit-proof manner in the request for the outsourcing project.

Adding documents to requests

Documents can be assigned to requests by uploading them using drag-and-drop, for example. Documents can also be categorized and stored in (optionally predefined) folder structures.

Create summary

Using stored templates, an executive summary is automatically generated based on the stored information, which summarizes all the key points and can be presented to decision-makers.

Create outsourcing contract

To map a seamless business process, an outsourcing contract (in draft status) can be generated directly from the request after preliminary checks have been carried out in order to subject it to the necessary review steps (due diligence, risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis, exit strategy, etc.).

Outsourcing ContractsPermanent link for this heading

The following use cases support you in the management of outsourcing contracts.

Use Case


Generate outsourcing contract

Outsourcing contracts are organized and stored in contract lists. Access rights are also defined via the contract lists.

Evidence number

A record number (contract number) is assigned when a new outsourcing contract is created.

Metadata in accordance with DORA ITS (version 10.1.2024; published on 17.1.2024)

For the simple creation of the information register, Fabasoft DORA provides a metadata model that contains the metadata specified from a regulatory perspective. This metadata can be filled in when creating outsourcing contracts and contact organizations. Based on the complete and correct filling of these metadata fields, the information register is created in Fabasoft DORA in accordance with the aforementioned version of the DORA ITS.

Individual metadata

Individual metadata can be created in the configuration.

Add documents to outsourcing contracts

Documents can be assigned to outsourcing contracts by uploading them using drag-and-drop, for example. Uploaded documents are categorized, allowing specific information to be recorded and then checked for completeness.

Periodic inspections

Recurring routine checks can be stored and automatically initiated for the outsourcing using BPMN processes.

Create subordinate contracts

Subordinate contracts for mapping contract hierarchies

Confidential areas

Confidential areas make it possible to make confidential contract documents accessible only to a selected group of users.

Create external areas in the contract documents

External areas make it possible to make all contract documents and test certificates accessible to a selected group of external users, e.g. supervisory authorities or suppliers.

External areas enable the direct integration of suppliers for the secure collection of required documents and evidence in a central location.

Canceling, deleting and restoring outsourcing contracts

Outsourcing contracts can be canceled, canceled outsourcing contracts can be deleted or restored.

Define dates for outsourcing contracts

Relevant contract dates and reminders can be entered in the properties of a contract.

Determine retention obligation for outsourcing contracts

Outsourcing contracts can be provided with a retention obligation and retention period, which means that they cannot be canceled and deleted.