2021 September Release

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To end users, Fabasoft Xtechwriter offers the following functions.

Use Case


Xtechwriter Dashboard

The Xtechwriter dashboard is the central access point to Fabasoft Xtechwriter.

Creating Xtech Documents

An Xtech document describes the structure of a document and consists of individuals topics. The referenced stylesheet defines the XML schema and the appearance of the document.

Editing Xtech Documents

The contents of an Xtech document are mainly generated and managed via Xeditor. In the tree view, the document structure can be determined on the topic level. Existing topics can be re-used and added to an Xtech document.

Using Text Modules

Text modules allow re-using content in several documents. Upon resolving, the content of the referred text modules is written in the document. Hence, the document always is up-to-date. In addition, conditions can be used to decide if a text module should be displayed, which easily allows for various versions of a document to be published.

Using Fields

In the Xeditor, specific metadata (e.g. Valid From) can be inserted into the document as fields.

Publish Xtech Documents

Xtech documents can be published in PDF. Both the master data and the conditions of chapters and text modules are considered. A supplied process is available for the release of the publication, which can be replaced by your own process if necessary.

Using Master Data

Master data can be added to Xtech documents via JSON. This data is then considered during publishing.

Using External Areas

If certain users are not supposed to have access to the entire Xtech document, external areas are a viable option. External areas can contain additional information and individual topics that can be linked to Xtech documents.