2024 July Release

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The functionality described below is available to end users.

Use Case


Automatic Data Export

Mindbreeze on Fabasoft PROCECO Cloud uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to process and analyze uploaded documents, extracting relevant information for the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire. Once documents are uploaded, Mindbreeze indexes the content, making it searchable and analyzable. The system scans for key terms, phrases, and data points pertinent to the CDP questionnaire, such as carbon emissions data, energy usage, and sustainability initiatives. It then extracts this information, categorizes it, and generates structured summaries or reports. These extracted insights are presented in a user-friendly format, enabling efficient and accurate completion of the CDP questionnaire.

Automatic Answer Generation

Once Mindbreeze on Fabasoft PROCECO Cloud extracts the relevant information from the uploaded documents, generative AI takes over to create answers for the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire. The extracted data, which includes key metrics and narratives on carbon emissions, energy consumption, and sustainability practices, is fed into the generative AI model. The AI processes this information, identifying patterns and understanding the context to generate coherent and contextually appropriate responses.

The AI then constructs detailed and accurate answers for each section of the CDP questionnaire. It ensures that the responses are aligned with the CDP's requirements and standards, maintaining clarity and consistency. The generated answers are reviewed and refined to ensure accuracy and completeness, resulting in a comprehensive and well-structured set of responses ready for submission. This process significantly streamlines the preparation of CDP reports, reducing manual effort and enhancing the accuracy of the disclosed information.

Visualization of Questionnaire Progress and Question/ Answer status

To visualize the progress of the CDP questionnaire in the Fabasoft PROCECO Cloud, the system aggregates the completion data for each section of the questionnaire. Using integrated charting tools, it then generates visual representations such as progress bars, pie charts, or line graphs. These charts display the percentage of completed sections, highlighting areas that are finished, in progress, or pending. Users can access these visualizations through the cloud interface, providing a clear and concise overview of their progress towards completing the CDP questionnaire.

Overview of Questions that can and can’t be answered

Sections that highlight unanswered questions are flagged in the overview dashboard within the Fabasoft PROCECO Cloud. These sections list specific questions lacking sufficient data, clearly indicating areas needing additional information or attention. This allows users to quickly identify and address gaps to ensure the completeness of the CDP questionnaire.

Permission settings on a question level

In Fabasoft PROCECO Cloud, you can grant permissions to different users by navigating to the document or questionnaire settings and selecting the "Permissions" or option. Here, you can add users or groups, assigning roles such as "Contributor" or "Editor" to allow them to contribute to or edit the answers. Permissions can be customized to specify the level of access each user has, ensuring appropriate control and collaboration.

Assign questions to team members for uploading documents

To assign questions to team members for uploading documents in Fabasoft PROCECO Cloud, access the questionnaire interface and navigate to the specific question. Use the assign question feature to select the team member responsible for the question. Assign the task, providing any necessary instructions or deadlines, ensuring that each team member knows their responsibilities for uploading the required documents. An automatic email with all required information will be sent shortly after.

Assign answers for approval

Once the answers are prepared in Fabasoft PROCECO Cloud, they can be sent for approval by navigating to the document or questionnaire review section. Select the answers or the entire questionnaire and use the "Send for Approval" feature to forward it to the legal department or CEO. Assign the approvers by selecting their names from the user list, and include any relevant notes or instructions. The system notifies the approvers, allowing them to review, comment, and approve or request modifications, ensuring that the answers meet all necessary standards and requirements before final submission.

Question-level scoring guide

With Oblivation on Fabasoft PROCECO, you will receive a question-level guide to best-in-class answers by breaking down CDP questionnaire responses into detailed, individual components. It automates data processing, applies CDP scoring criteria to each question, and generates visual reports that highlight areas needing improvement. This granular analysis helps you understand the specific requirements for achieving top scores, offering targeted guidance to improve your environmental performance and align with best practices.