2024 June Release

Structuring Elements of the DAMPermanent link for this heading

The main structuring elements of the DAM are:

  • DAM Dashboard
    The Dashboard is the central access point to the DAM for DAM users. When a user is added to the DAM configuration as an app user, a dashboard is automatically created and placed on "Home" as a widget ("Digital Asset Management").
  • DAM Configuration
    In the DAM configuration, general settings are defined that apply to assets and asset-shelves. You must be an app administrator to edit the DAM configuration. You can access the DAM configuration by navigating to the DAM dashboard on Home and then clicking the “Switch to Configuration” action.
  • Asset Shelves
    Asset shelves are used to manage digital content in a structured way and to define access permissions. Asset shelves allow you to create a hierarchically nested shelf structure, and you can define access permissions granularly for each asset shelf. You can also use folders for sub structuring. Folders inherit the access permission settings of the parent asset shelf.
  • Assets
    Assets are digital content such as documents, images or videos. In addition to the content, metadata is also stored with the asset. In particular, license information can be stored.
  • Transfer Collections
    Transfer collections are used to collect assets from different folders and shelves and make them available together, as a public link.
  • External Areas
    External areas can be defined for external users who should only have access to certain areas of the system. External areas allow collaboration on the basis of individual assets.