2024 May Release

Transfer CollectionsPermanent link for this heading

Transfer collections are used to collect assets from different folders and shelves and make them available as a public link. Transfer collections are assigned to a single user and cannot be managed together with other users.

Note: Public links must be allowed for the asset shelves.

Create a Transfer CollectionPermanent link for this heading

You can use the “Create Transfer Collection” action to create transfer collections. If usage types are defined in the DAM configuration, you can define the required usage types for the transfer collection. Only assets that have all the necessary usage types can be placed in the transfer collection. If licensing is used, the assets must also have a valid license.

Place the desired assets in the transfer collection (e.g. use copy and paste or use the “Add to Transfer Collection” context menu command).


  • If the asset has already been added to a transfer collection, this is indicated by a checkmark next to the respective transfer collection. Click on the corresponding transfer collection, if you want to remove the asset again.
  • You can also create a new transfer collection using the context menu.

Close a Transfer CollectionPermanent link for this heading

After you have placed the assets, you can complete the transfer collection and create a public link using the “Close” action. The transfer collection can still be edited, but closed transfer collections are no longer offered in the context menu of assets.


  • If public links are disallowed afterwards, the assets of the corresponding shelf are no longer available in the public link of the transfer collection. This is indicated by a status symbol.
  • For closed transfer collections, additional public links can be created (“Manage Public Links” action).