2021 September Release

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Find the navigation by swiping from the far left to the right. In the navigation menu, you can see the following options:

  • Cloud
    Switches to cloud data locations of the Fabasoft Cloud or opens other cloud services that you may have registered (e.g. for your Fabasoft Private Cloud). Click this entry to navigate back to the Fabasoft Cloud home.
  • Synchronization
    Displays all synchronized data that you can access in offline mode.
  • Worklist
    Displays all activities that are to be completed, listed for individual users in the form of a “To Do” list.
  • Favorites
    Displays objects that you need repeatedly.
  • Search
    Displays the search portal.
  • Data Transfer
    Displays the current progress of uploads, downloads, and synchronized data.
  • Settings
    For more information, see chapter “Settings”.
  • Logout