2024 April Release

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Here you find explanations for terms used in this document.

  • Button
    Buttons are graphical controls that carry out commands.
  • Click
    When you press your left mouse button once and release it again, you achieve a click.
  • Clipboard
    The clipboard enables a simple data exchange between programs or different fields of applications within an application. Therefore, you usually copy the data via the “Copy” or “Cut” command into the clipboard and paste it via the “Paste” command to the new location.
  • Context menu
    A context menu provides commands, which are reasonable in that current context. Usually you reach the context menu by performing a right-click.
  • Double-click
    When you press your left mouse button twice in quick succession, you achieve a double-click (the essential speed depends on the settings of your operating system).
  • Drag and drop
    Drag and drop denotes the opportunity of moving objects from one place to another. For that, click the object and keep the mouse button pressed. Move the mouse pointer (with pressed mouse button) to the place, where you want to move the object. Release the mouse button. The object will be inserted at this point (if it is allowed).
  • Home
    The top level of the content area is named “Home”. Further navigation is possible via widgets.
  • Menu
    A menu provides commands of a certain area. You reach these commands by clicking on the menu. Menus are located in the menu bar (not visible by default).
  • Object
    In the Fabasoft Cloud you work with objects. Objects store different kinds of information. The kind of information depends on the object class of the object.
  • Object class
    The object class specifies the properties and methods of an object. For example, the object class Microsoft Word Document indicates that objects of this object class can contain Microsoft Word documents.
  • Right-click
    When you press your right mouse button once you achieve a right-click. Right-clicks are mostly used to open a context menu at the particular position.
  • Selecting
    To select an object (e.g. to carry out an action) click the small checkbox of the object. 
  • Shortcut
    Keyboard shortcuts are used to execute actions directly by pressing two or more keys at the same time.
  • Tab
    Tabs are used to structure information and input fields on different pages.