The Web Client
2018 June Release

The Web ClientPermanent link for this heading

To access the Fabasoft Cloud an easy to use web client is available.

Open your preferred web browser, enter the URL of the Fabasoft Cloud and log in with your favorite log-in method. If your web browser is not optimally configured for the use of the Fabasoft Cloud, a warning symbol (web browser state) will appear in the top bar. If necessary, click on the icon and follow the instructions to set up an optimal configuration.

The web client is divided into following areas:

  • top bar
  • tool area
  • title bar
  • menu bar (hidden by default)
  • content area

Top Bar

In the top bar, your organization logo is displayed on the left and on the right you can find the account menu (your user name), the locations menu, the support button, the logout button and the search field.

Tool Area

The context-independent tools “Tree View” and “Favorites” can be opened and closed via a quick selection. The “Actions” are always displayed. Depending on the context, different actions are provided.

Up to three tool areas can be displayed next to each other (e.g. “Tree View”, “Actions” and “Authorize Team”). The tree view can be resized to be able to read even longer entries conveniently.

Tree View

Here you can find your Teamroom and folder hierarchy in a tree view, which allows fast navigation.


You can add frequently used objects (e.g. Teamrooms or documents) to your favorites. To do so, navigate in the desired object. In the “Favorites” tool, the object is offered to be added.


In the “Actions” tool area, you will find important actions that are relevant in the current context.

Title Bar

In the title bar, you will find the breadcrumbs of the currently opened folder hierarchy.

Menu Bar

In the menu bar (hidden by default), menu items are displayed that are available in the current context.

To display the menu bar, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the account menu (your user name) and then click “Basic Settings”.
  2. Mark the Show Menu Bar field.
  3. Click “Save”.

Content Area

In the content area, the content of the current object is displayed. This may be, for example, the contents of a folder or the preview of a document. The top level is referred to as “Home”. Teamrooms can either be stored directly on “Home” or you can create a folder hierarchy to structure the Teamrooms.


  • Folders on “Home” are used to structure Teamrooms. Documents cannot be stored therein.
  • Folders within Teamrooms structure the Teamroom and are used to store documents.

Basic Operations

For your first steps in the Fabasoft Cloud Web Client:

  • Click with the left mouse button on the desired control to execute the corresponding action.
  • The “Actions” tool always contains the most important actions of the current context. The actions apply to the object that is displayed in the content area. For example, if you are in a Teamroom, the “Upload” action imports a file in the currently displayed Teamroom.
  • The context menu of an element can be opened by clicking the right mouse button. Usually you will find, beside the actions that are also shown in the tool area, further less frequently used actions.
    • Context menu of objects
      Right-click an object in the content area. The context menu of this object is opened.
    • Context menu of the title bar
      Right-click the title bar. The context menu of the object that is displayed in the content area is opened.
    • Background context menu
      If you are in a Teamroom or folder, right-click an empty area in the content area. The context menu contains actions that are relevant for working with lists (e.g. to create a new object in the list).
  • To select entries in a list, click the check box beside the entry. This way you can, for example, execute a context menu command on several objects.