2021 September Release

Structural Elements of the Fabasoft XtechwriterPermanent link for this heading

The main structural elements of the Fabasoft Xtechwriter are:

  • Xtechwriter Dashboard
    The dashboard is the central access to Fabasoft Xtechwriter. Once a user is authorized in the Xtechwriter configuration as an app user, a dashboard is created and displayed on “Home”.
  • Xtechwriter Configuration
    In the Xtechwriter configuration, general settings can be defined that apply to all shelves. You need to be an app administrator in order to edit the Xtechwriter configuration. Navigate into the Xtechwriter dashboard via “Home”, then click the “Switch to Configuration” action.
  • Shelf
    Shelves are based upon the Xtechwriter configuration and manage Xtech documents as well as access rights.
  • External Area
    External areas can be created for users who are not supposed to have access to an entire Xtech document.
  • Stylesheet
    Stylesheets define the XML schema and the notation of the media-neutral Xtech documents.
  • Xtech Document
    An Xtech document describes the structure of a document.
  • Topic
    An Xtech document consists of individual topics.
  • Text Module
    Text modules allow for the re-use of topics and paragraphs in various Xtech documents. Additionally, conditions regarding the visibility of a text module can be defined.
  • Publication
    Xtech documents can be published as PDF documents. The publishing process considers the master data as well as the conditions defined for topics and text modules.