2021 September Release

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The dashboard is the central access to Fabasoft Xtechwriter. Once a user is authorized in the Xtechwriter configuration as an app user, a dashboard is created and displayed on “Home”. When the same user is removed as an app user, the dashboard also disappears.


The Xtechwriter dashboard is divided into the following areas:

  • Last Used Contents
    Displays your last used contents (e.g. Xtech documents and topics).
  • Xtech Documents
    Displays the Xtech documents that you have access to.
  • Publications
    Displays the publications that you have access to.
  • External Areas
    Displays the external areas that you have access to.
  • Shelves
    Displays the shelves that you have access to.

Note: The areas Publications and External Areas are only displayed when there is at last one entry.


You can perform the following actions:

  • Create Xtech Document
    You can create an Xtech document based upon a stylesheet.
  • Create External Area
    You can create an external area that belongs to a shelf or an Xtech document. External areas enable users to provide content when they do not have access to the actual Xtech document.
  • Create Shelf
    As an app administrator, you can create a shelf for the management of Xtech documents.
  • Switch to Configuration
    As an app administrator, you can switch to the Xtechwriter configuration in order to define settings.
  • Settings
    You can manage and edit general properties of the Xtechwriter dashboard (e.g. the logo or notification settings).