2024 May Release

Structuring Elements of PublishingPermanent link for this heading

The main structuring elements of Publishing are:

  • Publishing Dashboard
    The dashboard is the central access point to the Publishing solution for Publishing users. When a user is added to the Publishing configuration as an app user, a dashboard is automatically created and placed on Home as a widget.
  • Publishing Configuration
    In the Publishing configuration, general settings are defined that apply to all projects and define the basic structure of projects and products. You must be an app administrator to edit the Publishing configuration. You can access the Publishing configuration by navigating to the Publishing dashboard on Home, and then clicking the “Switch to Configuration” action.
  • Projects
    Projects are based on the Publishing configuration, are specified by project types and are used to manage the different products contained within a project. In addition, different access rights can be set for different projects.
  • Products
    Products are the core element in Publishing and are used for collaborative planning, creation, and generation of publications. They describe the structure of content and consist hierarchically of individual components, layout templates, and assigned assets/content.
  • Components
    Components further structure products into individual subsections. They allow you to define the minimum and maximum number of pages or content they can hold. Components can thus subdivide classic print products, but also structure digital outputs.
  • External Areas
    To collaborate with external users, who should not have access to an entire project or product, external areas can be created.
  • Publications
    Products can be published via integrated services. This creates a PDF, EPUB, HTML, JSON or comparable artifact that can be sent to its final destination via its own processes.