2024 June Release

Fabasoft Approve 2023 December ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in Fabasoft Approve.

Solution Areas: Technical Records Management and Correspondence ManagementPermanent link for this heading

The following new features await you in the technical records management and correspondence management solution areas.

AdministratorsPermanent link for this heading

As an administrator you can expect the following new feature.

Support for Project RolesPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Approve now enables efficient authorization management through the definition and management of project roles. In addition to the previous standard roles (full control, change access and read access), dynamic roles can now also be defined in the app configuration. In large projects with complex structures, this standardization of project structures makes administration easier.

With records as templates, it is possible to define project roles for the individual users/teams that occupy the respective project role. If external areas are included in the file, the respective authorization (full control, change access and read access) can also be defined.

Once a record has been created, project roles can be personalized and managed. In an external area, the roles configured on the record can be selected for change and read rights. Changes to users/teams in project roles automatically affect underlying areas.

Common InnovationsPermanent link for this heading

The following common innovations await you in the current Fabasoft Approve 2023 December release.

AdministratorsPermanent link for this heading

As an administrator you can expect the following new feature.

Show due document instances in partner Shelf CalendarsPermanent link for this heading

In Fabasoft Approve, it is now possible for partners to see the calendar entry with a defined due date for requested document instances in their shelf calendar so that they can submit them on time. The requirement for this is that the partner has access to a shelf system in which the requested document instance is located.

In the list of shelves of a partner, there is now a special shelf in which a list of documents can be created. Within this list, a document can be created in which a partner and a due date are assigned.

The "Request document" function starts a background task which transfers the requested document to the shelf of the stored partner and then inserts it into the calendar on the due date.