2024 July Release

Fabasoft Cloud App for iOSPermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud App for iOS.

Version 8.9.0Permanent link for this heading

  • New setting “Reduce Image Size for Upload”:
    • Option to scaled down images which are larger than 1MB when uploaded.
    • The setting is also configurable via mobile device management.
  • Workflow activities that require password authentication can alternatively use biometric authentication.

Version 8.8.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Improved handling of email hyperlinks:
    • Back button opens the origin of the linked object. If the object has no origin the back button opens the home area.
  • Logos of entries on the home area are shown when the list view “Cards” is selected.
  • Improved user interface for activities which apply to more than one document:
    • Show concerned object count in description.
    • The activity shows the list of concerned objects instead of showing only the first concerned object.
  • New “Scan Document” action which allows scanning and uploading documents with one or more pages.

Version 8.7.0Permanent link for this heading

  • The design of all menus has been unified.
  • You can now limit the data to the currently selected data location.
  • Support for opening hyperlinks in virtual applications including “mailto”, “tel”, and other types of links.

Version 8.6.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Entries in the list view “List” will now contain the object description.
  • The (estimated) number of entries is now shown above every list.
  • Allow starting a server-provided action when a list item is selected.

Version 8.5.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Implemented list view “Card” which is used on the app home area.
  • You can now include log files in your support requests.
  • Improved Fabasoft Secomo features:
    • The thumbnail list view now supports documents with encrypted thumbnail images.
    • The preview view now supports encrypted documents with an encrypted PDF overview.

Version 8.4.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Enhanced support for managing teams and access rights.
  • Improved comment feature:
    • Private layers will be locked while commenting.

Version 8.3.1Permanent link for this heading

  • General minor improvements.

Version 8.3.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Support for multiple Fabasoft Secomo servers including client certificate authentication.
  • Favorites are now available when uploading from a third-party app.
  • Pasting a hyperlink of a document which is already stored in the Fabasoft Cloud using the “Paste” function will now create a shortcut instead of a hyperlink object.
  • Lists are now updated every time the app is brought to the foreground.
  • Improved support features:
    • You can now select which screenshots are included in the support request.
    • You can now edit (mark/black out/crop) screenshots.
    • Support requests are now sent to a specific support team based on the current app context. The assigned support team is shown in the support request view.

Version 8.2.0Permanent link for this heading

  • The default sorting for lists has been updated to match the default sorting configured by the solution.

Version 8.1.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Support for multiple accounts:
    • Add new accounts or switch between accounts via the new user information navigation menu entry or via settings.
    • Remove accounts via settings.
  • Worklist entries for which you do not have sufficient access rights due to your current user role are displayed with the title “Access Denied” and the current workflow participant.

Version 8.0.0Permanent link for this heading

  • The current user information is now shown at the top of the navigation menu.
  • Support for roles:
    • Switch between roles via the new user information navigation menu entry.
  • The app settings have been re-ordered and refined.
  • Signing documents with qualified electronic signatures is now supported.

Version 7.2.0Permanent link for this heading

  • A list of all Insight Apps is now available through the search portal.
  • Processes started together are now supported:
    • Activities which belong to the same process are now displayed as grouped activities, which contain lists with the individual activities.
    • Executing work steps of grouped activities is now possible. Executing a work step of a grouped activity affects all current activities of that group.
    • Opening grouped activities via hyperlink is now supported.

Version 7.1.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Mindbreeze search queries are now stored online:
    • Now search queries are interchangeable and can be saved and restored on all supported platforms.
    • If there are already locally stored search queries, they will be moved to the server.
    • Offline mode search queries are still stored locally.

Version 7.0.1Permanent link for this heading

  • General minor improvements.

Version 7.0.0Permanent link for this heading

  • The functionality of the app is greatly enhanced by dynamic server-provided functions and actions. Depending on the server configuration settings some of the default functions and actions may be disabled or replaced by server-provided functions.
  • If you have set “Start with” in your “Basic Settings” via the web browser client, the selected element is displayed when you open the app, change the current data location or change the current cloud service.
  • In addition to the existing “Open in Fabasoft Cloud” function, you can now save files from other apps in the Fabasoft Cloud by using the “Share” button and selecting “Fabasoft Cloud” or “Save to Fabasoft Cloud”.
  • The navigation menu can no longer be opened by swiping from the far left to the right. The swipe gesture from far left to the right is now used to navigate back.

Version 6.9.1Permanent link for this heading

  • New logo icons for the Fabasoft Private Cloud.

Version 6.9.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Provide texts from server with device language instead of configured user language for consistent display.
  • The worklist lists, like “To Do”, “Last Finished”, “Concerned Object”, etc. are now displayed as tabs instead of separate lists.
  • Groups in worklist lists can now be collapsed and expanded by tapping the group header.
  • A confirmation dialog is shown when removing all trusted LAN synchronization networks.
  • The “Remark” for workflow activity “Sign (App: Digital Signature)” now supports multi-line comments.
  • The button to open the navigation menu is now available on all directory levels.
  • An upload progress dialog is now shown after an upload has been started.
  • Improved search features:
    • You can now access the search via the navigation menu or by clicking on the search widget on the home screen.
    • The (estimated) number of search results is now shown above the search result list.
    • Default search criterions are now shown directly when open the search without starting an actual search.
    • Support for custom search filters per search criterion.

Version 6.8.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Support for “Upload” action for documents, which allows to upload and replace file contents.
  • Support for workflow activity “Edit”:
    • Allows to upload and replace file contents by using the work item “Upload”.
  • Extend Support for workflow activity “Sign (App: Digital Signature)”:
    • Allows to digitally sign “Personnel File Document” objects.
    • Allows to add visual stamps in addition to visual signatures.
  • Extend displayed data in worklist lists to show useful data at a glance.
  • Show property “Hint” of an activity when adding a remark.
  • Allow “Comments” to be added to objects of type “Image”.
  • The app logo of the navigation menu can now be used to navigate to the app home area.
  • The logo of the action panel can now be used to navigate to the app home area.
  • “Worklist” is no longer hidden from the app home area.
    • Use this entry to navigate from the home area to the worklist area, just like using the navigation menu.
  • “Favorites” is no longer hidden from the app home area.
    • Use this entry to navigate from the home area to the favorites area, just like using the navigation menu.
  • The following dialogs have been revised:
    • Create Teamroom
    • Create Folder
    • Authorize Team
    • Rename
    • Add Cloud Service

Version 6.7.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Support for push notifications:
    • Notifications may contain a link to a document or a workflow activity which can be opened in the app.
  • Support for workflow activity “Edit”:
    • Allows to upload files by using the work item “Upload”.

Version 6.6.0Permanent link for this heading

  • The functionality of the workflow work items has been significantly extended. You can now execute almost all work items as in the web browser client.
  • Limit textual signatures to 100 characters.

Version 6.5.0Permanent link for this heading

  • Support for the new iOS photo picker on iOS 14, which improves the privacy for the user.
  • New icon for “Delete” action.
  • Support for workflow activity “Sign (App: Digital Signature)”:
    • Allows to add handwritten signatures.
    • Allows to add textual signatures.
    • Allows to add image signatures using the camera or stored photos.
  • The preview of supported audio files shows the artwork if available.
  • Support for copying selected text in PDF viewer.

Version 6.4.1Permanent link for this heading

  • Support for the Basic setting “Preferred Type for Comments”:
    • The app setting for the preferred type has been removed.
    • The mobile device management setting for the preferred type has been removed.
  • Support for the Teamroom setting “Users with Read Access Are Allowed to Comment Publicly”.
  • Support for the Teamroom settings “Allowed Types for Comments” and “Preferred Type for Comments”.

Version 6.4.0Permanent link for this heading

  • New logo icons for the Fabasoft Cloud app.
  • The app home area only shows the selected home widgets.
  • Support for workflow activity “Sign (App: Digital Signature)”:
    • Allows to add image signatures, which can be selected from a list provided by the server.
    • Allows to add text fields, which can be selected from a list provided by the server. The selectable texts can be changed, and custom text can also be entered.
    • Documents will be signed by the server with the user selected certificate.
  • Improvements to the comment feature, reducing the amount of transferred data.
  • Opening workflow activities via hyperlink will automatically navigate to the corresponding list (“To Do”, “Last Finished”, “Concerned Objects”, …). This enables the app to navigate to the next activity once the current one is finished.
  • The button for editing text files has been moved from the navigation bar to the action panel.
  • If a document exceeds the maximum allowed file size, the upload will not be started.
  • Support for the configuration “Synchronizable on Device”.
  • Navigation menu entry “Activities” is now called “Data Transfers” to avoid confusion with workflow activities.

Version 6.3.0Permanent link for this heading

  • This release includes the new Fabasoft Cloud app for the Apple Watch, which allows you to access your worklist on the Apple Watch.
    To establish a connection you have to activate it in the Fabasoft Cloud App Settings on your iPhone. There you can select the domain you want to connect. If you connect multiple domains the worklist shows all entries cumulative.
    You can also open an activity on your iPhone to perform additional actions.
    Force Touch allows you to refresh the worklist.
  • New search interface with advanced filter mechanisms (e.g. search area, date, object type or Teamroom) and facet selection. Save common search queries and load them again.
  • New button to retry biometric authentication when unlocking the app.
  • New settings for mobile device management (especially for disabling the app code feature). For more information about the available settings refer to  https://help.cloud.fabasoft.com/index.php?topic=doc/Mobile-Device-Management/apple-ios.htm: new window.

Version 6.2.5Permanent link for this heading

  • Stay permanently logged in now. The device is bound to your user account using cryptographic methods.
  • LAN synchronization enables you to load documents directly from other devices in the same network. Enable that feature and mark your network as secure.