2019 November Release

Fabasoft Cloud 2016 April ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud 2016 April Release.

Management of “Home”Permanent link for this heading

The new “Manage Home” policy allows organization administrators to define members who are not allowed to carry out changes directly on their “Home”. This comprises creating, storing and removing Teamrooms or folders.

The filing structure on “Home” can be defined by the organization administrator via standard Teamrooms. Organization members can manage their data in the predetermined filing structure. In addition they have the option to add Teamrooms to their favorites.

External OrganizationsPermanent link for this heading

External organizations help you to manage your external members in a structured way. The by default created external organization “All external members” always includes all external members, regardless of whether the members are also assigned to other external organizations. This external organization may be used, for example, to authorize all external members in a Teamroom.

In addition, external members can immediately use their assigned licenses, without having to previously confirm the external membership.

Usability ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

Work more efficiently with the Fabasoft Cloud:

  • The navigation tool offers a more compact representation such that deeply nested entries are more likely legible without scrolling.
  • The content property of documents is no longer dependent on native elements of the respective web browser. Thus, a homogeneous appearance is ensured.
  • If possible, the infobox is displayed above or beyond the respective entry in order to prevent hiding the entry. In addition it will only be opened, if the mouse pointer is in the range of the symbol or checkbox.
  • The state of the tool area (expanded or collapsed) remains also when refreshing the web client.
  • The calendar has been especially optimized for keyboard operation. Events and tasks are sorted by date. When switching to the respective list, the current event or task is selected. All current events can be selected using the “Select Current Events” action.
  • When saving a document, the upload to the Fabasoft Cloud is visualized in the task bar of the operating system.

SynchronizationPermanent link for this heading

The synchronization of documents with the local file system provides following new possibilities:

  • The synchronization can also be started in the Fabasoft Cloud Web Client. To do so, navigate in the Teamroom or folder you want to synchronize and click the “Synchronize” action. The action is only available, if the Teamroom or folder is stored in a hierarchy starting from your “Home”.
  • The bandwidth used for synchronizing can be restricted in the options dialog of the Fabasoft Cloud Client.
  • If a folder contains unsynchronized documents and you execute the “Cloud Folder” > “Remove Local Files” context menu command, an error will be displayed. When you execute the context menu command again, the unsynchronized documents are removed and a backup is stored in \Users\<user>\Documents\My Recovered Documents.
  • If you want to cancel the download of a too large file, you can execute the “Cloud Folder” > “Remove Local Files” context menu command on the parent folder.

Note: If you are still using the old synchronization, the Cloud Folder must be recreated. When synchronizing the first time with the current version a corresponding note is displayed. The upgrade process deletes the existing Cloud Folder along with all contents. Therefore back up any unsynchronized files before confirming the upgrade.

Fabasoft ScrumPermanent link for this heading

The following improvements are available:

  • Scrum projects may be excluded from the defects report.
  • Defects reports can be archived after a definable period of time.
  • Organizations, organizational units and external organizations can be defined as stakeholders and in the Requested by field of stories, defects and impediments.
  • If the membership of a scrum team member is canceled, only the scrum administrators and not the product owners and scrum masters will be informed about the removal of access rights.
  • Backlog items with status “Received” or “Planning” can be deleted by scrum administrators.
  • Backlog items with status "Received" can be marked as “read” or “unread” using the context menu.