2019 June Release

Fabasoft Cloud 2016 February ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud 2016 February Release.

Management of Organizational Units and External OrganizationsPermanent link for this heading

Beside the organization administrator additional users can be defined who are allowed to manage organizational units and external organizations. Consequently, administrative tasks can be delegated without losing control of external organizations.

As organization administrator you define the members who are entitled to manage organizational units and external organizations:

Organization dashboard > “Advanced Settings” > “Define Policies” > “Actions” tab > Manage External Organizations or Manage Organizational Units

The organization with correspondingly restricted functionality is put on “Home” of the defined members.


  • Regular organization members cannot add users to external organizations anymore while adding them to Teamrooms.
  • The exclusion of members or external members is only available for organization administrators.
  • If a member is excluded who is allowed to manage organizational units or external organizations, the successor is added to the policies instead.

Working With BPMN 2.0Permanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft Cloud supports the international standard BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation) for business process modeling. In addition to the renewed BPMN editor that allows you a simple graphical modeling, you can directly execute the business processes with the workflow engine. You get a tailored to your business workflow, without having to program a single line.

Now you can also define ad hoc processes efficiently with the BPMN editor.

Better Overview in the WorklistPermanent link for this heading

In the worklist dashboard, in the to do list also the concerned objects are displayed beside the activity. In addition the concerned objects are listed in an own area.

Design Meets ElegancePermanent link for this heading

You will find a variety of new design elements:


The symbols impress with decent, fine lines.


In the infobox you will find the buttons as usual in the footer on the right. Properties like start time and end time can now be displayed in two columns.

Content View

The selection of the entries in the content view is now on the left of each entry as in the other views.

Support Dialog

The support dialog fits seamlessly into the user interface.

Fabasoft Cloud ClientPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft Cloud Client offers following new possibilities:

By clicking on the notification icon of the Fabasoft Cloud Client the list of recently used documents is opened.

  • Header
    If you work with multiple cloud locations or installations, you can switch between them via the header. By clicking on the question mark, the support dialog is opened. Via the gear icon you can access the options.
  • Footer
    In the footer, you can initially start synchronizing or the current state of the synchronization is shown. By clicking on the synchronization state, you can pause the synchronization.
  • Document overview
    The open, recently edited, renamed, downloaded or uploaded documents are displayed chronologically. If an error occurs when synchronizing, the affected file is shown with a red background.

    Via the context menu of the respective document you can
    • view the document in the Windows Explorer (if it is synchronized),
    • view the document in the Fabasoft Cloud Web Client or
    • copy a link to the document into the clipboard.

In the “About” dialog it is shown whether the Fabasoft Cloud Client is current (green check mark). If this is not the case, you can start the update directly.

Fabasoft ScrumPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Scrum provides following new features:

  • No longer actively used scrum projects can be closed (“Settings” > “Scrum Project” tab > State). Thus, for example, no new stories and defects can be created for the scrum project anymore.
  • The defects report e-mail also contains defects history graphics and the project overview in the message body.
  • If a hotfix is requested and the e-mail notification is enabled, an e-mail will be sent to the team.
  • The personal dashboard provides advanced settings that allow defining scrum centers and scrum projects that should be displayed in the dashboard.

Support for HTTP/2Permanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft Cloud supports the HTTP/2 standard, which allows to speed up and optimize the transfer.