2019 June Release

Fabasoft Cloud 2016 September ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud 2016 September Release.

Microsoft Office OnlinePermanent link for this heading

With Microsoft Office Online, you can open Office documents directly from the Fabasoft Cloud in a web browser and edit them. Editing can also be carried out collaboratively and simultaneously by multiple users.

Keep in mind that Office Online is a Microsoft service and use of Office Online is subject to Microsoft’s terms of use and privacy policy. When displaying or editing files, Office Online keeps a temporary copy of this file on Office Online servers.

If Office Online is enabled for you, you can define how documents should be opened, click “Basic Settings” in the account menu (your user name). In the Office Documents field, you can choose how to open Office documents (always in Microsoft Office on the workstation, always in Microsoft Office Online or on demand). If the Office Documents field is not available, your organization administrator does not allow the use of Microsoft Office Online.

If you choose open always in Microsoft Office Online, the preview of documents is also shown with Microsoft Office Online.


Microsoft Office Online supports the file types Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Currently there is a known issue of Microsoft Online that files with “docm” file extension cannot be edited.

  • Editing LibreOffice documents (OpenDocument Text with extension “odt”, OpenDocument Spreadsheet with extension “ods” und OpenDocument Presentation with “odp”) is also possible with Microsoft Office Online.
  • To be able to use Microsoft Office Online with the Fabasoft Cloud, Microsoft Office 365 Business or Education is required.
  • Documents in encrypted Teamrooms cannot be opened with Microsoft Office Online.
  • When you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer together with Microsoft Office Online, add https://*.live.com to the same security zone in which also *.cloud.fabasoft.com resides (in general “Trusted Sites”).

New LookPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft Cloud 2016 September Release shines in a new look and offers an even better overview.

In Detail

  • In the top bar your organization logo is displayed on the left and the search field on the right.
  • The “Tools” menu has been replaced in order to allow a more efficient operation. The context-independent tools “Navigation” and “Favorites” can be opened and closed via a quick selection. You will find the context-dependent tools like “Authorize Team” and “Time Travel” in the actions.
  • Up to three tool areas can be displayed next to each other (e.g. “Navigation”, “Actions” and “Authorize Team”).
  • The tree view can be resized to be able to read even longer entries conveniently.
  • The breadcrumbs are displayed as path. This way you can navigate to an arbitrary folder in the hierarchy with only one click. If there is not enough space to display the entire hierarchy, you can open a menu on the ellipsis that contains the missing entries.
  • You can define descriptions for Teamrooms (formerly known as “Branding”). The description is displayed in the content area, if you are in the Teamroom at top level.
  • The presentation for devices with small form factor has been further optimized.

Have a look at the image gallery to get an impression of the new design.

Image Gallery

Image 1: Desktop “Home”

Image 2: Opened tree view

Image 3: Mobile Device

Form EditorPermanent link for this heading

With the graphical form editor you can create new forms with drag-and-drop and extend objects with new properties without programming knowledge (only Enterprise and higher).

The form editor has been completely reworked and now fits seamlessly into the familiar user interface. In addition, the accessibility is ensured and can therefore be easily operated by blind people.

Website IntegrationPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft Cloud provides the possibility to publish folder structures and documents on a website. To do so, you have to carry out following four steps on your website:

  • add some CSS
  • add a div tag where the document list should be displayed
  • define a mustache template
  • include the necessary JavaScript and configuration

Detailed information can be found in the white paper “Fabasoft Cloud Website Integration”.

UsabilityPermanent link for this heading

The following new features will help you in your daily work.

  • When entering a search query, suggestions are displayed. In addition, you can directly restrict the search to your organization or current Teamroom.
  • The watermark functionality of Teamrooms does not require an own watermark definition anymore. The settings can be directly defined in the properties of the Teamroom on the “Watermark” tab. Existing watermark definitions were migrated automatically.
  • You can define whether when finishing an activity in the worklist the next activity will be opened or whether the “to do” list will be opened (account menu > “Workflow” > Automatically Open the Next Activity After Finishing an Activity).
  • Orientation of Pictures
    If the EXIF information for the orientation is available in pictures, it is taken into account when displaying the thumbnails. The picture itself is not changed.
  • XPS or OXPS files (XML Paper Specification) are supported and can be opened in the Microsoft XPS Viewer.
  • When synchronizing documents and folders, shortcuts are considered. Each document shortcut is synchronized as complete file and changes are carried out at all locations. Additionally, the status display of the Fabasoft Cloud Client has been extended.

Organization ManagementPermanent link for this heading

The following new features will assist you in managing your organization.

Microsoft Office OnlinePermanent link for this heading

In your organization policies, you can specify whether documents that are assigned to your organization may be opened in Microsoft Office Online. Navigate in your organization in the “Advanced Settings” and click the “Define Policies” action. On the “Content” tab, in Edit Office Documents in Microsoft Office Online field you can allow contacts opening documents in Microsoft Office Online. If you want to prevent that documents are transferred to a Microsoft server, select “No one”.

E-Mail Address for LoginPermanent link for this heading

The management of e-mail addresses for login of the organization members is now done by the organization administrator. To do so, the E-Mail Address for Login field is available on the “Administration” tab of the organization members.

When you change the setting, the user is automatically notified via e-mail, which is sent to the old and new e-mail address.

Teamroom UsagePermanent link for this heading

You can get a more detailed view of the users of your organizational Teamrooms. Besides evaluating the entire organization, the evaluation can be restricted to an organizational unit, an external organization or a single (external) member.

To show the Teamroom usage, run the “Show Teamroom Usage” action for the respective organization, organizational unit, external organization or (external) member.

Converting Guests in External MembersPermanent link for this heading

If guests are still used in your organization, you can automatically convert them in external members. External members have the advantage that they can be managed easily in your organization. For instance, you can terminate the membership and thus remove the external member from all organizational Teamrooms.

To convert guests in external members, navigate in your organization and run the “Show Teamroom Usage” action. If guests are available in your organization, the “Accept guests as external members” button is shown. Click this button to convert all of your guests in external members.