2019 June Release

Fabasoft Cloud 2017 October ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud 2017 October Release.

Contact ManagementPermanent link for this heading

The contact management allows you to create and manage contacts in contact rooms (Enterprise and higher only; must be enabled by Fabasoft Cloud Support). Based on user-defined criteria you can specify address lists that can be exported, for example, for sending newsletters.

Contacts can be either contact persons or organizations. Duplicate checks support the avoidance of different datasets.

Special property values of contacts (e.g. salutation, address, telephone number and so on) can be assigned to different contact rooms and are therefore only visible to authorized users in the respective contact rooms. This makes it possible, for example, to ensure that the business contact data of employees are accessible to all employees, while the private contact data is only accessible to the HR department.

Further information can be found in the user help:


Notes on the terms

Fabasoft Cloud users have been referred to as contacts. From now on, the term “user” is used to ensure a distinction to the contacts in the contact management. The organization that is used for user management has been renamed to “Cloud Organization”. When the context is clear, however, the term organization is also used for cloud organizations.

Convert Folder to TeamroomPermanent link for this heading

The access rights to Teamrooms and the contained objects are defined by the team specified in the Teamroom. Folders are used for structuring, but do not have their own rights context.

If you want to give a folder a different right context, you can now use the “Tools” > “Convert to Teamroom” context menu command to convert a folder to a Teamroom. Conversely, you can also convert a Teamroom located in another Teamroom into a folder.


  • To convert a folder into a Teamroom, you need to have full control in the Teamroom associated with the folder.
  • To convert a Teamroom to a folder, you need full control in that Teamroom and change access in the target Teamroom for the folder.
    If the converted Teamroom is located in multiple Teamrooms, you can select the target Teamroom for the folder.

Microsoft Outlook IntegrationPermanent link for this heading

The integration enables the Fabasoft Cloud Web Client to be displayed in a separate task area in Microsoft Outlook. This allows you, for example, to import e-mails without having to switch to a web browser window.

To open the cloud area, switch to the Fabasoft Cloud tab in Microsoft Outlook and click the “View” button.

Note: The tab is only available if the “Fabasoft Cloud Outlook Extension” add-in (“File” > “Options” > “Add-ins”) is enabled.

UsabilityPermanent link for this heading

The following improvements make the daily work with the Fabasoft Cloud easier:

  • When a date field is focused, a calendar is opened that allows efficient selection of the desired date.
  • By using standard lists for displaying the Mindbreeze search result, you can also use the usual functionality in hit lists. For example, you can change the view or display additional columns.
  • The document view can be switched to full screen mode, for example, to be able to use the entire screen for pictures.

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

With the new update, the following additional functionality is available:

  • When downloading a folder, the generated ZIP file now contains the contents of the folder at top level and not the folder itself. This helps to reduce problems with long path names.
  • Input folders offer the possibility of setting property values automatically. To do so, define a rule with the action “Set Property Value”.
    Note: It is not possible to set values of compound properties.
  • The Signatures With Additional Password Verification (Compliant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11) policy (organization > “Advance Settings” > “Define Policies” action > “Content” tab) allows an additional password prompt when applying a signature that is defined in this policy.

Organization ManagementPermanent link for this heading

If you select a background color in the advanced settings of your organization, the background color and the logo are considered also for the login pages.