2020 August Release

Fabasoft Cloud 2018 February ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud 2018 February Release.

Transfer Collections (Digital Asset Management)Permanent link for this heading

Transfer collections are used to collect assets from different folders and shelves and make them available as a public link. Transfer collections are assigned to a single user and cannot be managed together with other users.

Note: Public links must be allowed for the asset shelves.

Create a Transfer Collection

You can use the “Create Transfer Collection” action to create transfer collections. If usage types are defined in the DAM configuration, you can define the required usage types for the transfer collection. Only assets that have all the necessary usage types can be placed in the transfer collection. If licensing is used, the assets must also have a valid license.

Place the desired assets in the transfer collection (e.g. use copy and paste or use the “Add to Transfer Collection” context menu command).

Close a Transfer Collection

After you have placed the assets, you can complete the transfer collection and create a public link using the “Close” action. The transfer collection can still be edited, but closed transfer collections are no longer offered in the context menu of assets.

Digitally Signing DocumentsPermanent link for this heading

If Fabasoft Secomo is available in your cloud organization and the digital signature is configured for your organization, you can digitally sign documents to prove the originator and integrity of the documents.

You can digitally sign documents either via the “Tools” > “Sign Digitally and Close” context menu command or via the “Sign Digitally and Close” workflow activity. Thereby, a PDF document with the digital signature is generated and saved as final form in the document. In addition, the “Sign Digitally” signature is attached to the document and the document is closed. Use cases such as “Read” or “Download” refer to the digitally signed PDF document in the final form of the closed object.

Uploading E-MailsPermanent link for this heading

In Microsoft Outlook, on the “Start” tab, in the “Fabasoft Cloud” group, you can use the “Upload E-Mail” button to import the selected e-mails in a Teamroom or folder. When choosing the folder using the “Choose Folder” button, you can also create a new Teamroom or folder.

Alternatively, you can also copy e-mails as usual (Ctrl + C) and paste them into the Fabasoft Cloud (Ctrl + V).

Support of Microsoft EdgePermanent link for this heading

Microsoft Edge is now fully supported. In order that the Fabasoft Cloud Client is able to communicate with the Fabasoft Cloud Web Client, you must install an extension in Microsoft Edge. The following link allows you to add the extension to Microsoft Edge:


For example, you can now open documents in the Fabasoft Cloud Web Client as usual and save the changes directly.

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

  • Archives in 7z format can be opened directly from the Fabasoft Cloud with the third-party product 7-Zip. The table of contents of the archive is available as a preview analogous to the ZIP format.
  • The workflow activity “Review” is now additionally available.
  • In the workflow settings, in the Show News About New Activities on the Welcome Screen field, you can define whether news about new activities in the worklist are shown on the welcome screen.
  • For security reasons, no files should be sent by e-mail. Therefore, the context menu commands “Send File” and “Send as PDF” are no longer available. Alternatively, public links can be created for users without a cloud account.
  • Watermarked Teamrooms and assigned objects cannot be duplicated by users who only have access to the watermarked documents.
  • In the properties of a Teamroom, in the Restrict the Downloading or Opening of Content on the Workstation field you can restrict the team members who are offered the actions for editing and downloading in the web browser client.
  • Users who have not been authorized by the organization policy to open or download content at the workstation cannot duplicate Teamrooms, too.
  • Documents can be copied and pasted directly from a Folio or Private Cloud installation into the Fabasoft Cloud.

Organization ManagementPermanent link for this heading

  • Teams can now include external members and members of other organizations in addition to organizational members. This makes it easy to define cross-organizational project teams. You can manage teams in your organization in the membership administration in the “Teams” area.
  • When showing the Teamroom usage, the edition assigned to the user is also displayed.
  • The Add Members to the Organization policy (organization > “Advance Settings” > “Define Policies” action > “Actions” tab) allows the defined users to add new members to the organization. Only members whose email address matches one of the organization's email domains can be added.
  • To enable the digital signing of documents with a certificate, you can store the corresponding certificate in your organization (“Advanced Settings” > “Configure Digital Signature” action). In addition, you can specify which organization members are allowed to sign digitally.
    Note: Fabasoft Secomo is required for the digital signature.
  • For OAuth clients defined in the organization, you can specify whether the use must be confirmed.