2023 February Release

Fabasoft Cloud 2021 February ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud.

UsersPermanent link for this heading

As an end user you can expect the following new features.

Push Notifications About Workflow EventsPermanent link for this heading

You can be informed about workflow events not only by e-mail, but also by push notifications.

Web Browser

To receive push notifications, you must allow them in your web browser. The notifications will be displayed in the notification center of the operating system.

By default, a corresponding web browser message is displayed after logging in to the Fabasoft Cloud, which you can use to allow push notifications. You can also change the notification settings subsequently by clicking on the lock or notification icon in the address bar of the web browser. Alternatively, you can find the settings you have defined regarding push notifications in the web browser settings.

Fabasoft Cloud App

On mobile devices, you can receive push notifications using the Fabasoft Cloud App. After logging in to the Fabasoft Cloud, a corresponding message is displayed, which you can use to allow push notifications. You can also change the notification settings subsequently for the Fabasoft Cloud App.

Notifications About Events

If sending push notifications is allowed in your cloud organization, you can define for which workflow events push notifications should be sent under “account menu (your user name)” > “Advanced Settings” > “Workflow” in the Notify Me About the Following Events field.

By default, you receive push notifications for the following events:

  • Suspended Activity Was Activated
  • New Activity Received
  • New Activity Received (Substitution)

Note: Push Notifications about workflow events are available in the “Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise” edition.

Change and Asset ManagementPermanent link for this heading

RFC shelves are used to manage RFCs and to define access rights.

  • New role: Change Manager
    Change managers can manage RFCs and release packages and can be selected as change or release managers.
  • New setting: Preferred Change Manager
    When creating an RFC, the preferred change manager is initially stored in the Change Manager of the Affected Systems field.

IT asset shelves are used to manage the inventory passed to employees.

  • The IT asset folders “Webcams” and “Headsets” are additionally available.
  • With the “Create Multiple Assets” action you can create multiple assets of the same type in one step.
  • An asset cannot be placed in an IT asset folder more than once, nor can it be cut.

Note: Change and asset management is available in the “Fabasoft Cloud Superior” edition.

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

  • The Keep Text Module Placeholders in Document field of text modules can be used to define whether text module placeholders inserted in a Word template are replaced when a document based on the template is created. Text module placeholders that have not been replaced can be replaced afterwards in Microsoft Word using the “Replace Text Module Placeholder” button.
  • Text module placeholders can also be inserted in text modules. Thus, a multi-level dynamic text module hierarchy can be defined.
  • Time travel can be used to compare the contents of text modules (Word).
  • In workflow activities, the “Time Travel” and “Open Origin" actions are available for the affected object.
  • When using the Fabasoft Cloud App, you can now perform almost all workflow work steps that you know from the web browser client.
  • The new "Extended via category and workflow" access protection can be assigned to Teamrooms.
    The defined team can access the Teamroom and its contents. Users participating in workflow are granted read access. Access to individual objects can also be granted via the category.
  • Standard e-mails sent via the Fabasoft Cloud are digitally signed. This means you can be sure that the sender and the content have not been manipulated.
  • Contacts can be synchronized from the Fabasoft Cloud to Microsoft Outlook and vice versa.

Process and Form DesignersPermanent link for this heading

As a process or form designer you can expect the following new features.

  • In BPMN processes, the join type (AND or OR join) can be defined for a converging parallel gateway.
  • If you specify a symbol for a form, it will be displayed instead of the object class symbol for objects that have the form assigned.
  • When downloading BPMN process diagrams, the following options are available:
    • Download Diagram With Preview
      Downloads the XML representation and preview images of one or more BPMN process diagrams including any sub-processes that may be contained.
    • Download
      Downloads the XML representation of one or more BPMN process diagrams including any sub-processes that may be contained.
    • Upload
      The downloaded BPMN process diagrams can be uploaded again (also in another installation if applicable). Either a single XML file or an entire ZIP file can be uploaded. If a ZIP file is uploaded, existing diagrams can be updated.
  • In expression properties of inboxes, processes and forms (e.g. Expression for Computing the Visibility), you are supported by syntax checking and auto-completion when entering an app.ducx expression.

AdministratorsPermanent link for this heading

As an administrator you can expect the following new features.

Holiday TablesPermanent link for this heading

Holiday tables allow the definition of holidays and time intervals. Holidays are used, for example, in the workflow and time intervals are considered for follow-ups.

By default, holiday tables are available for Austria, Germany and Switzerland. If no specific holiday table is selected in the Holiday Table field of app configurations, app rooms or Teamrooms, the default holiday table is used (“Set as Default” context menu command).

Organization ManagementPermanent link for this heading

  • In the organization policies on the "Content" tab, the Allow Push Notifications for Events option can be used to specify whether push notifications are sent for workflow events (enabled by default).
    Note: If the affected object is assigned to another organization, Allow Push Notifications for Events must also be enabled in this organization for the push notification to be sent.
  • Organization roles (except Owner) can also be assigned to users who are not members of the organization.
  • In the “Organization Folder” widget you can directly create additional standard Teamrooms for teams, external organizations, organizational units or for the organization using the “New” action.