2024 May Release

Fabasoft Cloud 2023 May ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud.

UsersPermanent link for this heading

As an end user you can expect the following new features.

Linked Text ModulesPermanent link for this heading

In Microsoft Word, linked text modules can be inserted that update automatically each time the document is opened. Depending on the user's permissions, linked text modules can be modified in the context of the currently opened document. Modified text modules are no longer updated automatically.

For text modules, the changeability can be restricted on the “Usability” tab, in the Expression for Computing the Changeability field. By default, a linked text module can be edited by any user in Microsoft Word.

In Microsoft Word, the following actions can be performed on the "Fabasoft Cloud" tab:

  • Insert Text > Linked Text Module
    Inserts a linked text module.
  • Remove Text Module
    Removes the selected text module.
  • Modify Text Module
    Allows the text module to be changed in the context of the current document (if the user is authorized to do so). Text modules that are marked for modification are no longer updated automatically.
  • Reset Text Modules
    Allows to reset changes of the focused text module or all text modules. The current, released content of the text modules is taken over and the text modules are automatically updated again in the future.
  • Dissolve Text Modules
    Allows you to dissolve the focused text module or all text modules (change rights required). The current content of the text modules, which may have been changed in the context of the document, is taken over as continuous text and the links are removed.

The status of a text module is displayed textually and in color in Microsoft Word when you focus the text module:

  • Modifiable
    Modifiable text modules are highlighted in blue.
  • Read-only
    Text modules that cannot be changed are highlighted in gray and “Read-only” is displayed in the title.
  • With Condition
    The text module defines an expression for further restrictions of usability. “With Condition” is displayed in the title.
  • Modified
    The text module was marked as changed by the user. “Modified” is displayed in the title.
  • Hidden
    The text module is hidden (generally due to the expression for further restrictions of usability). The text module is grayed out and a placeholder text is displayed.
  • Broken
    The text module returns an error (e.g. if it is in the wastebasket). The text module is highlighted in red and “Broken” is displayed in the title.


  • Deleted text modules are automatically removed from the document.
  • Linked text modules will replace text module placeholders in the future. The two functionalities cannot be used together in one document.
  • Text modules (Word) can contain further text modules.
  • In templates, the linked text modules are always displayed with content, regardless of the condition. In documents, the linked text modules remain available, but the content is displayed depending on the condition.
  • Text modules must not start with a table.
  • Text modules may only contain continuous text (e.g. no cross-references and footers).
  • Linked text modules are also considered on the server side (e.g. PDF overview).

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

  • The existing video control has been replaced by a streaming-enabled video control. Playback of the video is paused when you open an overlay, for example.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 is now supported. Note that the Fabasoft Cloud Client is based on native messaging technology and therefore only works in web browsers that are not installed via Snap. Since Mozilla Firefox is pre-installed on Ubuntu using Snap, it must be removed and installed as a classic DEB package.
  • When downloading multiple files or a folder structure of an encrypted Teamroom with the Fabasoft Cloud Client under Microsoft Windows, an encrypted folder is created in the file system if the disk is not generally encrypted.
  • When downloading multiple files or a folder structure with the Fabasoft Cloud Client and you are in time travel, the corresponding modification date of the files is considered.
  • If you are working with multiple domains, the Fabasoft Cloud Client context is automatically changed to the corresponding domain when, for example, you reload the web page, open or close a document, or download documents with the Fabasoft Cloud Client.