2024 February Release

Fabasoft Cloud 2024 February ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud.

UsersPermanent link for this heading

As an end user you can expect the following new features.

Public LinksPermanent link for this heading

In the properties of a Teamroom, on the “Content Settings” tab, in the Storage Period of Expired Public Links field, you can specify the period of time after which entries from expired public links should be deleted. This allows you to clean up the list automatically. If no time period is specified, the entries are kept.

Alternatively, you can use the “Manage Public Links” context menu command for a Teamroom and manually delete the expired public links of the Teamroom using the “Delete Expired Public Links” button.

For performance reasons, the All Public Links Within This Teamroom field is no longer available. Instead, you can use the “Manage Public Links” context menu command and the “All Public Links” button to open a query-based list that allows you to search for objects with public links. Via the “Delete Public Links” context menu command, all public links of the selected objects can be deleted.

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

  • The “Team” action is now called “Permissions”.
  • If another search is started in an object property in the search dialog, the search conditions entered in the first search dialog are not lost if the second search is aborted.
  • The currency symbol is now displayed after the value by default.
  • A four-digit year is always used when displaying and editing date properties (applies to the “English (UK)” locale, for example).
  • The “Webservice for Contacts” password for applications can be defined with a “Valid Until Revoked” validity period.
  • In the search portal and in search-based lists, the sorting can be adjusted in the detail view via the column header (“Sort” context menu command). This functionality is only available for columns that have been indexed as sortable (e.g. Name or Created on/at).
  • The PDF preview is not generated on the client, if there are text modules within the document.

AdministratorsPermanent link for this heading

As an administrator you can expect the following new features.

Announcement Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise ClientPermanent link for this heading

Due to a restriction in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on how locally installed web browser extensions can be updated, we are forced to adjust the default behavior of the installation of web browser extensions.

As of the Fabasoft Cloud 2024 April Release, the Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client no longer installs the web browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge as a locally installed extension. Instead, the extension is registered so that it is automatically installed by the web browser via the respective store. From this point on, the Microsoft Edge Store extension (with the ID jdibaejnifcnoojmhgcbaohifohjamlg) is registered for Microsoft Edge and the Google Chrome Store extension (with the ID icjlkccflchmagmkfidekficomdnlcig) for Google Chrome. If there is already an existing configuration for the Fabasoft web browser extension that has been configured from a central location (e.g. company portal, software center, etc.), the Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client will not register it via the setup (as before). If you have restricted the web browser functionalities via policies, you must still add the corresponding exceptions for the Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client. This mainly concerns the web browser policies ExtensionInstallAllowList and NativeMessagingAllowlist (for NativeMessagingAllowlist, the exception for com.fabasoft.nmhostpu must be added).

However, if access to the respective store (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) is not permitted for a user on your systems, it is still possible to install the web browser extension as a local extension via a setup parameter. The setup parameter EXTLOCAL=1 can be used from the Fabasoft Cloud 2024 February Release. Example: msiexec /i <msipath> EXTLOCAL=1

In addition to installing the local extension, the configuration parameters override_update_url, ExtensionInstallAllowList and NativeMessagingAllowlist are automatically set so that the extension can be functionally installed and updated. A more detailed description of the respective configuration parameters can be found on the websites of the web browser manufacturers.

When does this change affect me?

  • You are affected if access to the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Store is not possible on your workstations. In this case, you must use the Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client setup parameter mentioned above so that the required web browser extension is available in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • You are not affected if extensions for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge can be installed from the respective stores on your workstations.

Note: If the Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client Setup installs the local extension and therefore sets the configuration parameter override_update_url, the corresponding extension must not be installed via the store in the user profile of the web browser, otherwise the web browser extension will be marked as “broken”. The configuration parameter override_update_url is necessary for the web browser to update the locally installed extension.

Logging of E-Mail Dispatch ErrorsPermanent link for this heading

If the Log E-Mail Dispatch Errors option is enabled in the SMTP settings (organization > “Advanced Settings” > “Define SMTP Settings”), a dispatch error is stored for e-mails that cannot be sent successfully in the background.

You can perform the following manual actions for e-mail dispatch errors:

  • Send Test E-Mail
    You can send a test e-mail to a freely definable recipient.
  • Resend E-Mails
    You can resend the e-mails associated with the dispatch error. You can see the recipients affected in the Error Messages field. As soon as all e-mails have been sent successfully, the e-e-mail dispatch error is deleted.
  • Delete
    Deletes the e-mail dispatch error.


  • If more than 20 dispatch errors occur in two hours, logging is suspended for two hours. If “Resend E-Mails” has been carried out successfully, logging may also be resumed prematurely.
  • The “E-Mail Dispatch Errors” area is only displayed if the Log E-Mail Dispatch Errors option is enabled or an e-mail dispatch error already exists.
  • E-mail dispatch errors that occur in the context of an app configuration are also displayed in the corresponding app configuration.

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

  • The Subject field is available for members and external members and can also be populated using CSV import or via the web service interface.
  • The current Mozilla Firefox installed on Ubuntu by default using Snap supports native messaging technology. This means this web browser can be used with the Fabasoft Cloud Client. It is no longer necessary to install Mozilla Firefox using the DEB package.