2024 May Release

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Fabasoft Contracts offers a number of actions that are intended to be a first means of troubleshooting.

  • Fix Names
    Recalculates the name builds of all objects within Fabasoft Contracts.
    For example, the names of contracts are assembled of several values and characters:
    <ID>/<Year>/<Ordinal> - <Signatory> - <Subject>. If the algorithm of the name build changes, executing this action recalculates the names of the objects involved.
  • Reindex
    Rebuilds the search index of all objects within Fabasoft Contracts.
  • Clean up
    Checks (and possibly corrects) object types and object assignments.
  • Synchronize Contract Properties
    Manually executes background tasks which automatically update notices periods and contact periods.
  • Train Categorization Services
    Processes contract manager files and their metadata to train and improve the AI capabilities of your Fabasoft Contracts installation.
  • Fix Backlinks
    Synchronizes information between the Contract Manager app and the Contact Management app. This applies if contact objects in a contract room are use as standard signatories.


  • These actions should only be executed outside of regular business hours.
  • These actions can only be reached via the context menu of an object and can be found in the sub-menu “Tools”.
  • All actions can be executed on contract manager lists, confidential rooms and external rooms, whereas “Fix Names” and “Fix Backlinks” can be executed on most other object types.