2024 July Release

Fabasoft Contracts 2022 November ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in Fabasoft Contracts.

UsersPermanent link for this heading

As an end user, you can expect the following new features.

Extended Functionality of Approval Levels Permanent link for this heading

It is now possible to define not only standard limits for approval levels but also special cases. To this end, a new field has been added in the “Administration” tab of the Contract Manager configuration settings, named Special Cases for Approval Levels. At the same time, the existing field where you can define limits has been renamed to Default Limits for Approval Levels. The new dialog for the definition of a special case is depicted in the following screenshot.

Furthermore, until now it was possible to define approval levels and limits only globally in the Contract Manager configuration. Now you can define approval levels and limits on a contract folder level as well. The approval levels and limits in the contract folder override the global ones, which means that for all contracts belonging to the specific contract folder, the contract folder settings will be applied instead of the global ones. If you navigate in the “Administration” tab of a contract folder settings, you can now find the same fields for the approval levels and limits as in the Contract Manager configuration, once you activate the option “Override Approval Levels of the Configuration”.

Support for Adobe SignPermanent link for this heading

Adobe Sign is now supported for digitally signing contract documents. It just needs to be enabled in the Administration tab of the Contract Manager Configuration.

Import of Legal Files Permanent link for this heading

Legal files can now be imported from an Excel or CSV file. Furthermore, legal files can be imported along with their documents from a ZIP archive. Lastly, it is now possible to use an Excel or CSV file to assign a category to the documents of a legal file (as well as of a contract).

Import of List ElementsPermanent link for this heading

It is now possible to import elements, for example user objects, documents, etc., from an Excel or CSV file into element lists that can be found in the properties of a contract or legal file. Apart from the attributes offered by the element’s class, it is possible to include user-defined attributes as columns in the Excel/CSV file.