2024 July Release

Fabasoft Contracts 2023 February ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in Fabasoft Contracts.

UsersPermanent link for this heading

As an end user, you can expect the following new features.

More Flexible Creation of ContractsPermanent link for this heading

While creating a contract within a specific contract folder you can now choose a different folder to store the contract, provided that you have the required access rights. The same applies to subsequent (following) and subordinate contracts. In this respect, you can now create a contract and, for example, its subordinate contract in different contract folders.

Extended Functionality When Assigning DocumentsPermanent link for this heading

When assigning documents to contracts, you can now specify a target path so that you can also assign the documents to a filing structure. Furthermore, it is now also possible to assign documents to legal files. Furthermore, documents can be assigned to contact persons or contact organizations by means of a new menu action for assigning documents to contract partners.

Standard Legal File Status for Legal FilesPermanent link for this heading

In the settings of a legal area, it is now possible, analogous to contract folders, to store a default legal file status. The selected status is then always preselected when creating a new legal file.

New widget "My Responsibilities”Permanent link for this heading

There is now a new "My Responsibilities" widget on the Personal Dashboard. This lists all active contracts in which you are entered as an Internal Responsible.

Extension of the category "Contractual Partner" by the widget "Further Documents”Permanent link for this heading

As soon as a contact person/contact organization is assigned the category "Contractual Partner", there is now an additional widget "Additional documents" in which you can store all contract partner documents that are not directly relevant to the contract. Documents can now also be assigned to this list via the import "Assign documents to contract partner".

Restrict internal signersPermanent link for this heading

Internal signers used in the signing process or on contracts can be restricted on the contract list. If the available internal signers have been restricted on the contract list, only these restricted users will be available.

Retrieve documents from the external roomPermanent link for this heading

In addition to the action retrieve documents, it is possible to retrieve all documents before dissolving an external room. The retrieved objects are stored at the place where the external area was before.

Number of approversPermanent link for this heading

The number of approvers can be used to determine how many approvers are required. Thus, for high sums and many approval levels, not all approvers always have to approve.